Monday, November 29, 2010

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!!
The high point of the week was definitely Sunday. We have sacrament meeting the last hour of church, so if people are visiting most of the time I don't know until sacrament meeting. I got caught up talking to a few people on the way in.The Relief Society president grabbed me and said those people over there are visiting for the first time. I waited my turn in line to introduce myself. I talked with them for about 3 or 4 minute. There names are C and H Evens. They are in there late 40's maybe early 50s. They were really interested. She said that her sister married a member and convert and they have raised their whole family in the church. C told me how she had called to request a Book of Mormon, but was waiting for the missionaries to deliver it. She told me how she has never been baptized but has a really strong desire to be. She was saying everything a missionary loves to here. I got all of their contact info and said well set up a time to come by and a bring a Book of Mormon. After the sacrament meeting, I thanked them for coming and set up an appointment for tonight. It was funny because she knows a lot about missionaries and even invited us over for dinner, but we already have an appointment with a recent convert in our ward that we could cancel on. I thought they must live out of our area and that is why we didn't get the referral for the Book of Mormon they requested. When I checked the phone this morning there was the text for the referral for C. I was so excited. I am really excited to meet with them tonight. I think it is really promising. Also, we have a young lady in our ward named O who is 13 and has been a member for about a year and a half. She brought her sister, J, who is 14,She also brought her God brother, Terry, who is 19. He has come to church before, but he slipped out so fast that I never got a chance to talk to him. We set up an appointment for this Wednesday, so well see. Church was definitely the turn around point of the week. I am going to attribute all the cool stuff on Sunday to tracting on Saturday night during the FSU vs. Gator game which in this not the best idea, but we didn't have any other options. People live and breath football her. The town comes to life on game day. it's insane. The gators are FSU's major rival. Also, the town of Tally is still here for only two reasons FSU and the capital building. Anyways, We got turned away at most of the doors, but the Lord definitely blessed us on Sunday.

I got to go see how Cane syrup is made! It a southern thing. It was crazy to watch it get made! It was a crazy process. When went out to a farm that is in our area and people came from all over the place to see, but some members in out ward do the whole thing! They grow the sugar can themselves. they grind it which is just juicing it. Raw cane juice is so sweet, but I loved it. I even chew on some sugar cane which is really good. They dump the cane juice in a big 80 gallon bowl and boil it over a open flame that needs to stay at the same temperature. when it get to the right temperature they have to pull the fire out and put it out. then dump all the syrup in a another big pot that has another filter on top and has a spout so it can cool and go in jars. it really was fascinating process! I loved it and the syrup is strong, but really good hot on a warm biscuit!

We had a really good thanksgiving at the Holletts. She had several southern things that I just loved! Also, the south has made it so I just love sweet potatoes no matter how you prepare them. they are so good! Also, big fan of hear me out hear pickled spiced peaches. Sounds kind of crazy, but really good! We also stopped by the mission home on Thanksgiving. The Jensen's texted everyone and invited us to stop by and eat and hang out. It was a really nice to visit with them for a minute. they are really like family and I just love them! It was a good thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well!
Sister Whipple