Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

I got a fairly harsh rejection when we were tracking on Saturday. I'm still getting the hang of it and I get really nervous at every door. I knocked on the door a man in his 40s, scruffy, gray, and in work clothes (a little messy) answers. Also, he had the prettiest blue eyes I have every since. They were the kindest most deceiving eyes that I have ever seen. He says "Dust off your feet." I said "what!?! "He replies "are you familiar with the scripture? ”Dust off your feet and go to the next town" Ouch! And I'm NOT familiar with that scripture, but apparently it's a curse. I thought sweet I just got my first curse not the case. If people reject the gospel and you (missionary or any one preaching) dust off your feet on their door it leaves a curse (it in the New Testament). We have been banned from doing that. I thought it was really funny though. I really enjoy tracking.
Well, I had one really amazing experience this week that washed away a lot of my doubts. On Wednesday night, we went on splits which were great because it gave us a break from each other and tested me. I went out with Sister Gibbons who has just come back to activity. She's great. We laugh and really get along well. We decided to go visit a less active (Sister Chapman about 70 years old) and had a really good visit with her. Sister Gibbons was able to share her struggle with inactivity. I think it was really good for Sister Chapman to hear and relate to. Then, we went and visited our investigators (Betty and N.D. Williams). They have recently got new quads and when we were there the night before had mentioned they would like to start marking them. Sister Hall had a new pack of scripture marks and I took the double side blue/red pencils. I taught them how to mark their scriptures using the blue for blessing and red for action. It was really a great lesson and they loved it. I felt prompted to read and mark Ether 12:27 with them. We read that and it was good. After, we began talking about all kinds of things. We talked about the temple and how once they are baptized they can do baptism for the dead. Betty was really interested in that. She asked if she could be baptized for her mom and I said yep! Then, we talked about the sacrament. Then, we ended back talking about the scriptures. Betty had mentioned that she struggled understanding them because she isn't familiar with them. I talked about honestly with them, and about things that I struggle with. To remember the scripture we had read. I told her if she continues to read, and pray for the strength to understand the scriptures. I promised her that she may feel this is one of her weaknesses now, but if we prays for strength that the scriptures will become her strength. She said that she never though to do that and she would do that. It was very powerful. I have never taught like that in my life. I know the spirit was guiding my and prompting me that night. I did not teach that lesson, the Holy Ghost did.
On Sunday, N.D. Williams came up to me and whisper in my ear that "I done good" and that it really softened Betty's heart. I know she felt the spirit too. After, church Betty and N.D. set a date! March 27th. (Same day as the Hopkins) WOOT Woot! I'm so excited for them.
I know that it truly is the Holy Ghost that teaches by just simply the tools, if I be myself.

Time's up! Love you!
Ps. woke up to any amazing thunder and lighting storm today! Loved it!

Love you


Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

My Greenie Dinner

The Tallahassee Florida Mission Home

Let me just start off with saying thank you for all the letters. I really do appreciate it. Thank you mom for the package and the coat works great. Also, I’ve been using my miracle balls they really do help. Sister Hall was really excited about her gift too and thankful for it.

Well, things have improved between Sister Hall and I. we are getting along and talking which is a great improvement. Are we working enough? Nope. I can count how many people I spoke to about the gospel on less then one hand, but one thing at a time.

I did have my first zone conference this week. WOW! It was really incredible. A few the things that were said were just what I needed. The scripture Alma 31:31 and 38, it was all about finding joy in Christ in affliction. It was really powerful. One thing that President Summerhays said that really got me was “have the faith to fail, because he (Christ) will lift you up so you don't feel like a failure." I loved that. I had my first interview with President which was really good. I told him that I was wasting time. I'm not working enough and feel horrible and of course he already knew about sister hall and my issues there. He said he knew what I was going through. He said I had it right, but he didn't have the answer for me. He said go to the lord. He really is incredible. He is really sweet. I love it because he cries almost as much as I do. He asked me when I cry. I said when I laugh, happy, sad, feel the spirit, sneeze, and all the time. He got a chuckle out of that. Zone Conference was just what I needed.

Our investigators are a dream. I love them so much. The Hopkins have set a date for March 27 and are both on board. The Williams are still committed to march 6th and I've never met two people more excited to receive their large print quad in the mail. The people are fantastic and I love the work.
I will keep my head up and rely on the lord. Their is always joy to be found no matter what’s going on. I will make sure I’m always happy and work as hard as I can.

Also, I would love some background/build up Olympics stories, because I love it! Carolyn, I kind of expect some stuff on ice skating from you, because you don't just watch it but follow it. I kind hope you'll come through for me on that.
Not going to lie, I was a little bummed to hear that Sasha and Carolyn were there and I wasn't. I miss them. It sounds like they had a lot of fun. I love that they came by and hung out though. I think that really cool.
I have more to say, but I’m out of time. You'll get more in my letter.

Love You!
Sister Whipple

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pics from MTC and News of the week

My District at the MTC all color coordinated!

Mission Map at he MTC

We had a pretty awesome Sunday at church this week. The Hopkins, the Williams (both investigators), and Lora ( a recent convert/less active) all came to church. It was perfect. The Hopkins are moving right along. Martha is waiting for the end of the month to get out of her commitments and is getting closer to baptism. Betty and N.D. Williams are also coming along. I love them so much. They are the cutest nice people you will ever meet. Betty is coming closer to baptism, but is still unsure,N.D. wants to get baptized now but only if Betty is ready. The more she is taught and feels the spirit the more it helps. It is going really well though.
I got your package today. It was so nice to get all you letter. Sounds like things are going really well. Thank you for my ipod and all the other goodies too. Sounds like you have had some crazy weather. We haven't had anything here except for rain here and there. The people here are so nice. they are even extremely nice when they turn you away. Which I appreciate.
I do love being a missionary. I love teaching people. I love talking to people even when they turn us away.
love you and thanks for the letters.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter #2

Dear Family,
I hope you got my letter this week! If not, here's my address:
3913 Pisa Dr. Apt.D-5
Panama City, Fl 32405

Well this week has been pretty good. We are taught an older couple, N.D. and Betty Williams, about the plan of salvation this week. As we were talking about the atonement and reading in Alma 7, N.D. stopped me. He asked if we could read the next verse which I wasn't planning on. The verse was all about baptism. We asked why he wanted to read it and he said cause he wants to be baptized. N.D. and Betty both committed to march 6. Betty is unsure but said she'll work for it. They are the sweetest little couple and it was a really powerful lesson.
On Thursday, we went to the Bueadetts for dinner (doesn't that name just sound like the south). Well, it was Andrea, Jack (husband and non-member); their daughter Mimi, us and they had their friend Aaron. Well, Jack is a military, joker, rough and sweet guy. Sister Hall had warned me that I should be on guard. Well, after dinner we went and sat around the fire and were just laughing and having a good time. Aaron, who was a "non-member," at least that’s what they had told me and how he was acting. He went inside and got everyone beers in the glass bottles. He placed one in front of Sister Hall but not me or Mimi. He begins to say that this whole Mormon this sounds great, this is his last beer, and what does he have to do to be baptized. Sister hall starts telling him all this things and he says he'll do it next weekend if she drinks a beer. When before I know it sister halls got her beer open and is drinking. I'm sitting there thinking this is not really happening and then well apparently this is how its done in the south. I just sat there. Then, Aaron starts talking about his mission and it hit me. I Got Punk'd. Jack had downed a bunch of beers, cleaned them out, and filled them with soda. They were playing their parts perfectly and jack loved me after that. It was pretty funny.
On Saturday we went to a member's house and they made me an all green breakfast, but Sister Hall didn't tell me about it and I had already had huge breakfast burritos before. It was fun though.

Hey, Ben I have to tell you something you'll appreciated. We were tracking and talking to this lady for a while and she wanted us to leave with a word of pray, so on her drive way we all held hands and sister hall gave a prayer. It was pretty awesome. We also have an investigator who is more comfortable praying that way so the bishop has us all hold hands and pray that way at their house.
Sasha got your letter. Thank you! I LOVED the picture. It gave me a really good laugh. Also, I sent you a letter but to the martin address so ask Kristen about it.

Carolyn, I forgot to tell you something in your letter. Elizabeth Smart was in the MTC when I was and I saw a few times and all I could think was "You don't come back from something like that!"
Also, tell grandma and Wynne thanks you the card I really enjoyed it.

Roni, I was little bummed that I finished your last letter. I opened it hoping to have something to laugh at cause my companion is a little boring, it made me cry instead but I really liked it.

This week over all a bust. My Companion has so many physical problems, it amazing she can even move. Towards, the end of the week her depression hit her hard, so she spent hours in bed, I tried to do a lot of studying, but it hard to do for 4 hours. We went and got her some B-12 so I hope next week will be better, I feel really bad cause I’m wasting the lords time. I don't know what to do about it. Next, week will be better.

Also, tell all the pregnant ladies in Utah Congrats I'm really excited for them.

We had conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was pretty powerful. I wanted to go to the temple so bad so be grateful yours is so close and GO! It takes 6 hours to get to ours...

I love you and miss you!

Sister Whipple (still kind of weird, but I love it)

Monday, February 1, 2010

First Letter Home from Lynn Haven, Florida

January 25, 2010

Dear Family,

I feel so bad; I did not know Tyrel passed away. I did not get any mail for the last five days I was in the MTC. What happened? I feel so bad for Aunt Trudy and Uncle Steve. It sounds like the service was really good. Also I think the send off was perfect, I think that is just the way he would want to go. I will keep them in my prayers.

I did get to hear L Tom Perry when I was in the MTC, so that was really powerful and inspiring.

Well, I made it! I’m in Lynn Haven, Florida. My companion is Sister Hall; she is from Los Angeles, California.

I felt so bad I didn’t get to talk to you again and I only talked to you for half a second. We were so busy on Tuesday; I woke up at 2:45am and went until 7:30pm, when I arrived the weather was perfect. Sunny and warm. We went to the mission home which was so pretty. It was a big red brick house very southern. We had dinner with President and Sister Summerhays. They are really nice people. President gave me an interview. I was feeling so exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed and he could tell. He gave me a blessing, that was just what I needed and it calmed my nerves and comforted me. I crashed pretty early that night after we went through and did orientation stuff. I woke up the next morning and got ready pretty quick.

It was a foggy morning so it was kind of creepy, but beautiful at the same time. The Elders loaded up my stuff and we had an hour drive to the transfer spot. Guess what? My companion didn’t show up again. A member dropped her companion off (Sister Hess) and picked me up. It was about a 45 minute drive from there. My companion Sister Hall was at a members house. She had been up all night long with her companion (Sister Hess) throwing up and the runs. Nasty! I met her when she walked out of the restroom from throwing up. Not the best first impression. I spent all of Wednesday at a member’s house going in and out of sleep from being so bored and watching my companion sleep. I tried to study, but that didn’t happen because the member had 3 small kids, so they were up in my business.

Thursday was kind of lame too. We planned all morning (10 to 3) for the week. We did have an amazing storm. It started sprinkling on Wednesday afternoon. Rained into the night, but in the morning it was poring for hours. They have massive ditches here that were flooded. It was so awesome, I loved it! I did get to go visit a less active that night and she took us to dinner. She was a lot of fun. I hope we can get her back because she knows the gospel is true. She just says she’s lazy, so we’ll keep working on her.

On Friday, we spent the morning at the library covering books. I talked briefly to another less active that day. We went to dinner with our district leader and some members. I was fun and all, but a total waste of time. We spent like 3 hours with them, it was pretty ridiculous.

On Saturday, we don’t have a car. The Panama City Elders get our car. We had an appointment at 10:00am with the Hopkins. They are investigators that have investigated on and off for years. The bishop came with us. We spent like 21/2 hour with them. We gave them the Word of wisdom lesson. John said he would throw his coffee pot away that day. Then, the most amazing part was at the end John said he was ready to be baptized. It was really amazing. His wife isn’t ready yet, but she’ll get there and is really supportive of John. Well, we biked like 8 miles total to get to and from the Hopkins. My companion is still pretty much weak from being sick, so we went home and she slept the rest of the day. I was able to get some good studying in, but I got bored after 3 hours. It was rocky.

Sunday, Church, a little overwhelming cause I couldn’t remember very many names. It wasn’t too small of a ward, but not as big as your ward. The people were really nice though. After church, we had planned to go tracking. We, that didn’t happen, we returned some stuff to a member, then we visited the Williams. They are an older couple like maybe early 70’s. Well, they are major quilters. Betty has a ton of machines and a sewing room mom would love. In the room, I could visibly see like 12 machines. She had 2 old singers that were in perfect condition that she used all the time and 4 mini singers that were just on display. Also, had 2 serger’s and a touch screen embroidery machine. It was pretty intense! Even Andy her husband has started making quilts, which is funny because he is a total gun/outdoors kind of guy. He really enjoys it; they told us they would help us make a quilt, so that’s pretty fun. We went to the Peel’s for dinner and they are about the same age as the Williams. We spent way to long there.

I really do love Florida! The biggest down fall is the wind. When it blows from the south a horrible smell comes through. There is a paper mill to the south and it smells like burnt beans, it makes me sick to my stomach. Also, it’s mostly all country in my entire mission. I feel like I’m in an extended Ford Commercial. It is not a very big city, compared to home. Our area is pretty big; it takes about an hour to get to the very top of our area. It’s kind of funny because my apartment isn’t in my area, it’s in Panama City. I love the area because I can smell the ocean when it rains or the wind blows just right. We do have some of the bay in our area, so I love driving across the bridge so I can see the water. Our district likes to do things together on P-day, so we plan on doing a picnic on the beach, can’t wait for that!

I HAVE BAD NEWS!!!!! We have gators in my area. We rode our bikes past one of the ponds were there is definitely gators. Lucky, they are still hibernating. Not looking forward to that

A little info on my mission, we only have 11 sister Missionaries, there aren’t a lot of us. I think my trainer will teach me a lot.

I’m so glad dad is doing well; I heard you had some crazy rain.


Love Kelsie

P.S. P-day is on Monday