Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Kelsie returns home from her mission on July 21st.

She will be speaking in church on Sunday July 24th. She would love to have "y'all" join us at church to hear from her and then come visit and have lunch with her at 12:00 that afternoon.
Lunch will be at the Whipple's house. Hope to see y'all there!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well! this is it!!! I really CAN'T believe it! I am excited and nervous! I have truly been super grateful for the opportunity to serve the lord. It was a small sacrifice in my life, but it has made all the difference! 

It has been a pleasure to serve in the Tallahassee Florida Mission ! I can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support that they gave me! Y'alls love and prayers carried me through and really helped me though it all!  I know I was suppose to serve here. I am so grateful! I will never forget the impact it made on my life!  I have stretched and grown. I always thought I was kind of a humble person before my mission. I think Heavenly Father really just want to beat the pride out of me until I was sufficiently humbled! I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to work and create patterns in my life to help me truly become like my savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is simply the word of god! My life has changed as I have let the words sink so deeply into my mind and heart that I CANNOT doubt it! I love the gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was indeed called as a prophet of god! I know that my savior lives! The gospel is so real and truly transforms us! I LOVE it! I know the power it has had in my life and I have felt the power of it in others lives! I am so grateful for the atonement in my life! I truly know that the atonement does make up for all my inadequacies but only AFTER I have done all I can do!

I could carry on for pages, but I know the gospel is basic and a few simple words clearly stated will go a lot further. I have a simple testimony, but I know it is the foundation upon which I will build the rest of my life!

Thank you for everything! I LOVE YOU!!!


Sister Whipple

PS: CAN'T wait to see y'all! Thursday!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

Y'all only have a few more of these to enjoy so soak them up!!!!
I hope everyone had a great fourth of July!!! It was a good week! I have done some serious reflecting this week I just came to a lot of conclusions and worked through some stuff! Our Bishop asked us to go get in as many member homes as we could this week to teach short power lessons. we are getting our ward moving with missionary work, we are really working to liven them up!! I think our hard work will pay off in the next week or so. as we went around everyone for the most part was really trying to work with there neighbors! It was super encouraging! It will take some work, but I feel this ward is going to be a power house in just a short little bit! They need some love and encouragement and they will see miracles! 
 I am feeling a lot of new life this week. I have received the focus and direction I need to just give it all I got! My time is really short and precious and I am really feeling it... which I really hate! It is good though! Also, we just got off the phone with President Jensen! He told us that two sisters are coming in tomorrow from the temple square mission to do their 3 months in the field here, so that is fun! Sister R and I will be getting one and we are not sure about the other. It is exciting and Sister R, the Aps, and I are picking them up from the airport cause President and Sister Jensen are on the other side of the mission. Really pretty exciting stuff! I am really looking forward to this week! We are really working with M a lot, but can't seem to really get things going. I really strong impressions that M would be baptized, I am still really hopeful! We have a really great lesson planned for today at a members house so I really pray it will get her back on track! We will see!
Pretty much that is about it! It was a good fourth of July! Nothing too exciting, just watch a few small fireworks and hang out with some members and some missionaries. It was good though! We got big plans for this week and are super excited! I really love being a missionary! I will miss it, so we are just going to keep liven it up!
Love ya,
Sister Whipple

This is at Zone Conference