Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet The Mission President

Lynn Lee Summerhays, 58, Florida Tallahassee Mission; Canyon View Ward, Farmington Utah North Stake; former bishop and counselor, Young Men general board, high councilor, elders quorum president and missionary in the New Zealand Mission. Senior Partner, Tegra Healthcare Properties. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Preston Lindsay and Cleo Margaret Patton Summerhays. Married Ann Frischknecht, seven children.
Sister Summerhays is a former member of the stake Relief Society board, counselor in stake and ward Relief Society presidencies, visiting teaching coordinator, Relief Society and Primary teacher and Young Women adviser. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Reed Lund and Cleone Rich Frischknecht.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome To Tallahassee

Kelsie arrives in Tallahassee Tuesday January 19, 2010

Kelsie Loves letters

Mission Home address:
Sister Kelsie Elaine Whipple
Florida Tallahassee Mission
1535 Killearn Center Blvd. Ste C-4
Tallahassee, FL 32309

You can write her at this address any time during her mish

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Experiences From The MTC

One of these Feet is not like the other!

What a great week! I had the opportunity to go to the
referral center and it was kind of a bust. I mostly just
heard answering machines, and hoped that people had ring back
tones which most didn't. I did have one moment that made it all
worth it though. I called a lady in the Bronx who had
requested a “Joy to the World” DVD. Luckily earlier that day we
had a class all about inviting people to church. I ended up
talking to her all about church. I told her the church was,
what we do, how to dress, and invited her to go. I ask if I
could call her back next week to see how it was and she said
yes and gave me her cell. Unfortunately, the number we call
from shows up as a block number so it goes straight to voice mail,
so I didn't get a chance to talk to her again.
Sundays, are fantastic here. We have really busy days still, but a
relaxing busy if that’s possible. My favorite of the day was
relief society, because guess how came and spoke to us....Elaine Dalton
(the general young women’s president)!!! She was so good.
She focuses on virtue and kept thing really informal so it was so good!
She talked a little bit about the movie on Virtue (the new ruby one).
She said there was a part that talked about how in the movie the
team was tied and playing for the championship and the speech that
was given went something like "we need to put our heads up, this is
our destiny and you only have 7 minutes left in the game." I really
love that because we are in the last 7 minutes and this game is on the line.
We have to put our heads up and fight with everything we have.
Also, I leave on January 19 at 4 am for FLO-RIDA!!
I get to call you from the airport my flight leaves at 7. I'll most likely call you
between 6 and 7. Also I fly into Atlanta for an hour so that’s cool.
I get to Florida around 3! I can't wait!!
I love that I have a blog, that sounds great something all about me;
got to love it!
Thanks Aunt Laurie so much for the letter. I’m glad to hear
everything is well.
Also, I’m really thankful for all the letters. It's like Christmas
every time I get one!
I will be thinking of dad and praying for him tomorrow.
I hope everything goes well. Please, send me a dear elder tomorrow,
so I know what’s going on. I love you dad!
Love you!
Out of time got to go

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Official!

Sisters get treated so well at the MTC. Elders go out of their way to open doors,
take our trays and stand up when Sisters sit down.
We are always told how great we are. It's really nice!
I love waking up at 6:00AM! Surprisingly, I spring out of bed
with no problem, and go right to work. We are part of a
pilot program, instead of trying to learn all the lessons,
spend time learning to teach people. We learn to figure
what people are feeling and how to best help them
feel of Gods love and our love for them.
We teach people not lessons!

I have not seen Brady Hale (my cousin that reported this week,
He is headed for Peoria Illinois Mission)yet, but the Hale family
(my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dave and their family) sent me a
really sweet package with some pictures, matching pillow cases
for me and my companion (she love it) and some fruit snacks;
that my district appreciated.
Thank you Hales I love it!
It's crazy how exciting it is when you get mail or a package.
I really do appreciate all your love and support.
The is really cool, we get the letters the same day.

I have a great district!
I love learning, I forgot how much I love to learn. I am grateful to be here,
it really feels right. I have never felt the spirit so close so often.
I can feel Heavenly Fathers love for you guys at home and for me.
I know that he is blessing me because I have already seen these
blessings in just this short time.

This is my companion Sister Mitchell.
We have been taught that our mission gives us the tools so
we can endure. Our most important job isn't missionaries, but it
takes place in the home (our own homes). Our missions are to
prepare us for our most important role. Going on a mission
is just a spring board for the future.
I miss and love you Guys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Letter Home from the MTC

Sorry it took so long for you to hear from me. The first day was crazy! The Sister who I was suppose to be companions with didn't show up. I didn't have a companion for the first 3 or 4 hours so that was weird. I got transfer to a new district and new room. Also, I locked my card in my room that had all the info on it so I couldn't email home until P-day. The MTC is fantastic. They you keep you so busy that you almost don't have time to think which is a good thing. I have finally got in rhythm of things.
My companion is from Syracuse, UT. Her name is Sister Michell. She is going to Fortworth, TX. We get along good enough. She went to byu-Idaho and is a music major. She just a lot different then I am. Very much the typical Sister missionary. I was transferred to a group that was a threesome so our district has four Sisters including me. The other two Sisters are Sister Tuifua from Tonga she is really cool reminds me a lot of Savea and she's going to Santa Rosa,CA. Then, we have Sister Mazareigos from Oakland, ca. She is way chill. She is a convert of 3 years and is pretty amazing. She is headed to Wisconsin. I will say this much MTC food is TERRIBLE, but fantastic chocolate milk. I love the classes that we have. The main focus has been learning to figure out what investigator need. It has been so good. Sorry out of time about to loose message got to go!
Love ya