Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Letter Home from the MTC

Sorry it took so long for you to hear from me. The first day was crazy! The Sister who I was suppose to be companions with didn't show up. I didn't have a companion for the first 3 or 4 hours so that was weird. I got transfer to a new district and new room. Also, I locked my card in my room that had all the info on it so I couldn't email home until P-day. The MTC is fantastic. They you keep you so busy that you almost don't have time to think which is a good thing. I have finally got in rhythm of things.
My companion is from Syracuse, UT. Her name is Sister Michell. She is going to Fortworth, TX. We get along good enough. She went to byu-Idaho and is a music major. She just a lot different then I am. Very much the typical Sister missionary. I was transferred to a group that was a threesome so our district has four Sisters including me. The other two Sisters are Sister Tuifua from Tonga she is really cool reminds me a lot of Savea and she's going to Santa Rosa,CA. Then, we have Sister Mazareigos from Oakland, ca. She is way chill. She is a convert of 3 years and is pretty amazing. She is headed to Wisconsin. I will say this much MTC food is TERRIBLE, but fantastic chocolate milk. I love the classes that we have. The main focus has been learning to figure out what investigator need. It has been so good. Sorry out of time about to loose message got to go!
Love ya


  1. Companion didn't show up? weird. I love your pictures. We just dropped Brady off yesterday then went over to the shipping desk at the Wilkinson Center and sent a package to Brady and to Kelsie. They said they had same day delivery so hopefully they got them last night. I'm glad you're doing this blog. It's fun to hear from her.

  2. Oh I love mission life!!! I wish Kelsie could have been my companion! She is going to be every sisters favorite comp! Thanks for the blog, its going to be great keeping up with her now!

  3. Hey! I served in the Santa Rosa, Cali mission too!