Monday, December 20, 2010


Sister Whipple, Sister Blimes, Sister Grampp

Sister Kelsie Whipple
985 Drewry Rd. #F
Monroeville, Al 36460

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everyone has an awesome christmas!!!!

I am going to middle of no where Alabama! I am going to MONROEVILLE, AL!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I leave on the 22nd! my new address is 985 Drewry Rd. #f Monroeville, Al 36460! It will be just me and Hernandez! I am so excited not to be in a trio! It is just a small branch, but they are on fire there and I can't wait, I will miss the people in Tally.

It was a really good week! We had a few miracles that happened this week! We had been working with a member in our ward's sister,J, for about 4 months. We teach her every week and I haven't been thinking she was progressing. Well, I have been trying to get her to come to church. She came to all three hours of church this week! it was pretty awesome and I loved it! J and I have formed a really good friendship and level of trust! It was a sweet farewell gift to have her there! I will definately miss her! Then, another miracle we had was with a potential investigator. We had a couple walk in to church about 3 weeks ago. I have been talking with them weekly, she has been really sick so I haven't been able to meet up with them. Well, I felt I should call them on Saturday so I did! She invited us over that day to have a lesson with her and her husband, it was really good! They are definately interested so we well see what happens! It was really cool though, becasue they are really solid people, they expressd a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon and in baptism. They have a ton of potential! Things seem to happen right when I leave bummer...oh well the work goes on!

Christmas came earily!!

Merry christmas!!! I LOVE YOU!! I can't wait to talk to the family!! It will be a sweet christmas!


Sister Whipple



Zone Meeting was really good. It was different from a conference. I like zone meeting because I felt like it gave me tools on how to really be a missionary. It made me have ideas of how to be better. Focused on how to begin teaching so it was really good. It really helped to make sure that the first moments in people homes are set up right and the spirit is there.

The crazy thing that we talked about was Missionary work is fixing to be done in a dramatically different way. We are going online! The church has found a lot of success online for example over a 100 baptisms from the online chat with missionaries which started in august! The church has us no longer passing out pass along cards. We have new ones and they are really nice. They want every member to get on the website and set up a profile. It the churches ways of having nonmember connect with real people. It only takes a little bit to get the confirmation; it takes a few weeks, because it has to get approved by the first presidency. Basically, tracking will most likely become a thing of the passed! It’s hard to explain, but I am really excited about it. I think it’s a perfect way for the church to utilize technology! Society is changing and become more closed off and I think this is a really good route. I am excited to be serving a time of change in missionary work!

It was a car less week, but not a complete failure. We got a text from bishop this week with a few names. It was a really big deal. We did the best we could to get to the names he gave us. We were able to get in with two of them and found out that one had moved. We will keep trying with the other two.

We had a good lesson with one of our investigators. she realizes that she wants to change, but is kind of lazy and fearful. We had a really powerful lesson about agency. We talked about how she is the one that has to make the decision. She has to act. We talked about how change will never come unless she does something. It was a really solid lesson. She is progressing but at a seriously slow pace, but it has been pretty amazing to see how she has softened dramatically in the last few months we have been working with her.

It’s a car week so miracles tend to happen and I am really looking forward to the week!

I love you!

Sister Whipple