Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey! Our mission president challenge us to read the Book of Mormon as a mission all the way through one last time before he is released. It starts today and finish on June 26. I wanted to extend this challenge to everyone reading my blog. The break down is simply 6 pages a day. It's not much. No matter if you have never read it or have a hundred times. I promise you will find new meaning this time. It will touch your heart. I want to promise you that you will have blessing in your life that you never could have imagined. You will be happier then you ever have been. I you grow close to Heavenly father. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know you can too, if you simply read it.

March 29, 2010
Hey! Hey!
Well, this week was powerful. On Saturday, we had the baptism of N.D. and Betty Williams and John and Martha Hopkins. It was truly humbling and very tender. We had roughly 80 people in attendance and about 3/4 of which were family and friends of the Williams and Hopkins. We had more none members then members. It was amazing the turn out and the support they received. Everything really was perfect! Brother Stone in our ward gave a talk on the plan of salvation. The Williams and Hopkins didn't want a talk about baptism and the holy ghost because they already understood that. Instead, they wanted a talk all about why they were doing this and how they got to this point. brother stone gave a simply perfect talk. many of the family members' eyes were open and they had a clearer understanding. Betty and N.D. were both baptized by their son-in law, Charles Poppell, who is in our ward. John and Martha Hopkins were baptized by their son, Ben, who drove from north Carolina and is a convert of 3 years. It was moving to watch and be a part of. While they changed, we play the video clip "and none were with him" (the 2009 Easter message by the church, the one with elder Holland's conference talk). It was really touching and brought the spirit in while we waited. We all had brother stone play the piano, because he plays the hymns but arranges them himself. Also, we gave everyone there two cards to write a note/testimony to the William's and Hopkins's. Then, we had the primary kids sing 'I am a child of god'. Then, had a few short talks one by the relief society president and the bishop gave his closing remarks. It was a perfect service and the spirit was there strong. Sister Richan and I had set up a table display with DVDs, pamphlets, book of Mormon, and basically every piece of material we had. We had a lot of it picked up, so hopefully we will get some referrals.
On Sunday, all 4 were confirmed in church. John and Martha were confirmed by Martha's brother-in-law. Betty was confirmed by Charles Poppell and N.D. by Brother Hewett, the ward mission leader. It was wonderful. The entire ward was also impacted by it. everyone has such an excitement for missionary work. I think this baptism was exactly what this area needed to come to life. it was so powerful. You can truly see the light of Christ in Betty, N.D., Martha, and John. the weekend was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.
One other neat thing that happen on Sunday was N.D and Betty got temple recommends to go on the stake temple trip in two weeks and John and Martha are going to get theirs so they can go too!! They are excited for the opportunity to go do baptisms. John says he feels a sense of urgency to got the temple and work on his family names. they are all wonderful example and they just get it! They love the gospel and have grasped it and are running with it.
Also, John and N.D. were ordained to an office of a deacon on Sunday as well. N.D. went first. Then, john was next. When john sat down he asked if N.D. could stand in the circle as well. N.D. looks at bishop and he nods his head yes. Bishop change the words to "by the power of the Aaronic Priesthood which we hold" in order to cover everyone in the circle. it was powerful. What an exciting weekend. the gospel truly is a beautiful thing.

It really was a sweet baptism and I wish everyone could have seen it.

Love you!!
Sister Whipple

p.s. I told someone my first name the other day cause they asked. Then she said it and it was weird it didn't sound right. Never thought that would happen!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shout Out From FLO-RIDA!!!!

It has been a crazy week! We had zone conference this week on Tuesday. It was the most powerful experience that I have ever had. One experience that I want to share is we were discussing goal as a zone. The mission president was there and about 20 other missionaries. At zone conference we just let the spirit guide. Where ever we go whatever topic we discuss that was were the spirit needed us to be. In our mission we are huge on saying "I love you because..." and it is amazing how that one phrase can instantly invite the spirit. As we started to talk goals one elder told another "I love you because..." which lead to another elder saying it. Before I knew it the entire room was filled with the spirit. Everyone continued to share their love for one another. It went on for like 30 minutes. Everyone in the room was encircled in love that penetrated every part of your body. Never in my life have i felt love so tangible like that. It really was so powerful. As I sat there and just listened. I really wanted to say something but couldn't do it. I couldn't find any words to say that were even adequate to describe what was going on. As I sat there president Summerhays looks up and says "Sister Whipple's heart is so full of love right now that she can't express what she is feeling." Then, he simple says" Heavenly father is mindful of you." I was just overwhelmed by the spirit. I was a goner. He said exactly what I need to hear at the exact moment I needed it. It really was inspiring and so powerful. I wish i could have every person sit in that room and felt what I felt. It truly was humbling and inspiring to see how powerful and how quickly the spirit came into that room by a few people expressing love. It was unforgettable.
Another experience i want to share was at zone conference too. Our zone leader, Elder Wood, went home (Salt Lake City) the week before to have surgery. He has a whole in his heart. Best case he would return in a few days and worst a few weeks. He was going into surgery on Tuesday. The entire zone knelt down at the very minute he was going into surgery to offer a prayer in his behave. It was amazing to see that many missionaries kneeling in pray for one.
At the end of zone conference we had another powerful experience. Elder Hammon our district leader has been really sick for months. He has had stomach problems, and dropping weight like crazy. He has dropped so much weight the past couple of weeks and looks almost like a sever anorexic. Its really bad and you feel so bad for him because he really does just want to work. After zone conference , President Summerhays looks at Elder Hammon and asked "Elder Hammon....(Elder Hammom looks up at him) Do you want a blessing?" Elder Hammon breaks down in tears and nods his head yes. it was powerful to see all of the Elders gather around little Elder Hammon and give him a blessing of healing. It was really tender especially because every person in that room was so full of love for each-other. We had dinner with Elder Hammon and his companion, Elder Medlyn, and a couple in Callaway a few days after the blessing. Elder Hammon was still so inspired by the blessing and truly was happier then I have seen him in a while. It's really is amazing to be a missionary. Never in my life could I imagine the sweet experiences that I am having.

Things are good here in Lynn Haven. After, zone conference Sister Richan and I have had a commitment to do better. We have been waking up 10 to 15 minutes earlier so we can get a good work out in. The Wednesday after zone conference, we woke up ready to get on our bikes and exercise. Well, we got our helmets on and out the door only to realize it was raining. We decided if we didn't get on our bikes today we never will, so we went biking in the rain. We loved it! We still haven't figured out the perfect morning routine, but we try something new everyday.
The Williams and Hopkins are doing fantastic. We had Elder Hammon come after church to interview them all. He said their was a powerful spirit in each interview. They are ready and so excited to be baptized. The baptism will help bring the members and referrals that I feel will bring a new life to missionary work in the area. I can't wait. We already keep pretty busy. We have teaching appointments almost every night, but we can always be busier. We have another investigator at church on Sunday. Her name is Emma Weems and she had her 2 year old boy with her. The little boy's name is Aubrey. He is half Indonesian (cause that's what Emma is ) and stinking cute. Her husband is mike and he's less active, but has mental injuries from war and can't handle crowds. he doesn't come to church. Emma stayed for sacrament meeting and Sunday school. She has a testimony, but is a like hesitant to act on it. I know she felt the spirit in Sunday school as John, Martha, N.D., and Betty all shared their testimonies during the lesson. We have been teaching her for 3 weeks and I have seen a change. I think if she can get to the baptism that will be just what she needs.
We have been working on planning for the 4 baptisms like crazy! It has been really good and I love it. The baptisms are this Saturday and I think we will have a really good turn out out.
Sister Richan and I get alone so well. It's crazy how often we are on the same page. It makes working together a lot of fun. We laugh, work, and teach together. We are growing a lot together and learning a lot. We love the work. We strive to be exactly obedient.
After, zone conference I had a new drive to do and be better then I am. We talked about giving up those things in your life that are holding you back. we all have crap we are carrying around, but just do have the courage or strength to simply give it up. In order to know the savior we have to give it all up to him. Nothing in this world is an accident. Heavenly father has his divine hand in everything. We simple need to give up whatever in our lives is holding us back. Life is a beautiful thing, but we have to give everything up to him because he already did. I know Heaven father is mindful of each one of us. We don't need to worry, but we do need to give it up with sincere heart and follow him. Everything always works out perfectly, just not perfectly how we want it to.

Sister K-WAY

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

Me , Sister Hall, Elder Christensen, Gould, Wood (zl), Hammon (dl), Norman (went home at transfers), and Medlyn

Well, things are going pretty good. Sister Richan and I get along alright. We don't see eye to eye all the time, but we seem to be working through.
We had some really powerful lessons this week. We taught Betty and N.D. Williams. Brother Hewett (the ward mission leader) couldn't come and he usually leads at all the lessons and we fill in the gaps. Well, I was in charge of teaching the lesson and Sister Richan was nervous so she wanted to just follow my lead. I was super nervous because I really struggle teaching. As I taught I became really relaxed and could feel the spirit working through me. I was able to have scriptures come to mind and experience to share. It was a powerful lesson. The Williams felt the spirit and there desire to be baptized grew.
The Hopkins are so ready for baptism. They are just so excited. Every time we mention their baptism, they smile. They said that Satan has really been working on them this week, but they have found so much strength by relying on prayer and their savior. They have a powerful testimony and are a great example to me.
We taught a new investigator this week. His name is Eddie. He is 19 and his mom is Lora Rivera, who is a less active/ recent convert (last fall). He is truly looking for the gospel. He recently got out of prison and wants to have the joy that the gospel brings in your life. We taught him lesson 1 and the spirit was there. Sister Richan bore a powerful testimony, after her testimony he simply said "that was a good speech" with a grin. He felt the spirit, He isn't much of a talker but he was absorbing the message that we were sharing.
The work here is really good. We struggle being bold. We have really been trying to visit less actives, but they turn into visits. We aren't bold in our invitation to follow Christ. We have set a goal to seek to make every person we talk to draw near to Christ.
We know what are weaknesses are and we are trying to overcome them. We are both just trying to figure out how to be missionaries. We simply have faith and act. The lord has guided us to people's homes. The spirit has given us the direction we need to be better missionaries. By seeking to have the spirit, we receive promptings and are able to act on them.
We had the Orlando temple president and his wife speak in sacrament meeting and give a fireside that night. It was powerful. The Williams and the Hopkins were at both, they were really touched and can't wait to be baptized. The Hopkins are going to trying go on the ward temple trip in mid-April. I'll write you more details.
I can't believe what's going on with Micheal. It really breaks my heart. I totally agree with what Ben said if anyone can make a miracle happen Aunt Laurie can. All we can do though is trust in the lord and pray. Pray for peace and strength. All we can do is never give up hope and trust in heavenly father.

I love you all and I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received.


Sister Whipple

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


HEY HEY!! I got a new comp. She is from prove, Utah, but has lived in Los Angles and San Diego for the last 6 or 7 years. She is 31 years old that caught me off guard. She is strong so that is good.
On our first day it was crazy! I got a call from the AP on Tuesday night saying all the newbies flights were canceled and they would be delayed. We a had a member taking us to transfer spots( about an 1 hour and 15 minute drive), so I called her and she said she didn't mind hanging out with me for a few hours. On Wednesday morning, the AP's told me it would be closer to 5 or 6 pm. Another sister had to wait for the transfer but to come back around so she hung out with us too. Sister Gibbons was the member that was with me. We went over to this small town and did some shopping and she took us to lunch and we were head back over to transfer spots about 1pm. Luckily, the AP's called and said the newbies were twenty minutes out. I was so glad to hear that cause Sister Gibbon's and I didn't know what to do after we dropped off the other sister. We picked up Sister Richan and headed back. we had to plan a lesson on the way back because I had an appointment scheduled at 3:30 with Payton (who's 11). I basically threw
Sister Richan in the water and said sink or swim. I felt kind of bad but she was cool with it. We taught Payton the pan of salvation and sister Richan drew it out and so did Payton. It was a really good lesson. We had dinner with brother smith that night. He takes out the first Wednesday of every month. He great one of my favorite people. He's the kind of person I want to hug so bad and can't. Then, we had an appointment with Brother Hewett to go visit the Woodie's (less active). We had a really great lesson there. it was a really great first day. It got her really excited.
Sister Richan and I get along pretty well. She's a little ridged, very organized, and set in her ways. I'm a little more free spirit and go with the flow, so I'm forcing her to be flexible. Missionary work is all just go with the flow, I warned her and she's working on adapting. She is a little pushy, but a huge improvement. She is so excited, which is refreshing. I almost don't know what to do with it.
I'm really struggling figuring out how to fill a whole day with missionary work. Thank you, Ben. Your email was just what i needed. I really don't know how to be the most productive missionary (I was never taught), so I printed your email and will try out those ideas. Thank goodness a member gave us a car so we can get a round. Things are so much better then they were. I think this will be a good companionship even though we don't know what we are doing. Also, the members here are some of the best I've ever met and they have been nothing, but helpful.

I can print, so send me emails. I'll write back too, but tell people that I need addresses(if I don't have it).

I have more but I'll write and give you more info on what's going on with the work.

Thank you everyone for the letters and packages. I LOVED THEM! I'll be writing.

I'll keep Micheal and family in my prayers. Please keep me posted on what going on. I can't believe it. It really breaks my heart.

I love you all. Hope all is well!

LOVE ya!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Woot Woot!

March 1,2010
You all are going to crack up at this... so Sister Hall has had the feeling she was going to be transferred for 2 weeks. I didn't want to have wishful thinking, because I didn't want to be disappointed come transfer time. Great news!!! I'm staying and Sister Hall is being transfer to Troy campus with her MTC comp. I'm thrilled and so is she so it prefect RIGHT!?! Wrong! I'm going to be TRAINING!!!! I can't believe it. I can barely get back to our apartment half the time. I have no idea what I'm doing. the lord answers prays not exactly how I would prefer, but I'm so excited. I can't stop smiling.
> It was a really annoying week this whole week. Sister Hall was taking 2 maybe three hour naps. We spent a totally of 8 hours at one members house this week divided into two nights. I just was so not impressed. I have a theory about it though but I'll write you and let you know. I can't even get my thoughts together right now. I'm a little overwhelmed. It was a great week for our investigator. The Hopkins and the Williams can't wait to be baptized. All of them have amazing testimonies and I love them. I feel really inadequate teaching them, because I usually learn from them. We have started to teach a girl named Payton. she is 11 years old and really smart. Her mom is less active so its a little bit of a challenge because we need to get the mom involve in order to get Payton to church. If you have any good object lesson for the Preach my gospel lessons sent them my way. I really need to make these lesson a lot more interesting in order to help Payton.
> It was really a pretty uneventful week. We did go tracking on Saturday which I LOVE. People crack me up even when they reject us. I was talking to Sister Hall as we went door to door and talking about how nice everyone was. Sister Hall couldn't believe it either. She said that I must be lucky, because she has never had people be this nice to her, her whole mission. It's not luck thought I decided. I think it is because I'm happy. People are nice to you if your happy. I realized then no matter what's going on I will be happy. I was not in the best of moods when we started out but as I just decided to let everything be. I was able to be happy and enjoy myself even though we didn't have much luck.
> I think because Sister Hall is getting transferred were going to go to the beach today it's like 30 or 45 minutes away. I Can't wait. I love the beach, even though I can't get in it. It a great day though for it. Sunny with a 20% chance of rain and 60 degrees (which is way better then the 40 degrees that feels like 30 because of the cold wind).
> I don't have much to say but I'm sure I'll figure out something else to write you.
> Thanks for the letters!
> Kelsie