Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey! Our mission president challenge us to read the Book of Mormon as a mission all the way through one last time before he is released. It starts today and finish on June 26. I wanted to extend this challenge to everyone reading my blog. The break down is simply 6 pages a day. It's not much. No matter if you have never read it or have a hundred times. I promise you will find new meaning this time. It will touch your heart. I want to promise you that you will have blessing in your life that you never could have imagined. You will be happier then you ever have been. I you grow close to Heavenly father. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know you can too, if you simply read it.

March 29, 2010
Hey! Hey!
Well, this week was powerful. On Saturday, we had the baptism of N.D. and Betty Williams and John and Martha Hopkins. It was truly humbling and very tender. We had roughly 80 people in attendance and about 3/4 of which were family and friends of the Williams and Hopkins. We had more none members then members. It was amazing the turn out and the support they received. Everything really was perfect! Brother Stone in our ward gave a talk on the plan of salvation. The Williams and Hopkins didn't want a talk about baptism and the holy ghost because they already understood that. Instead, they wanted a talk all about why they were doing this and how they got to this point. brother stone gave a simply perfect talk. many of the family members' eyes were open and they had a clearer understanding. Betty and N.D. were both baptized by their son-in law, Charles Poppell, who is in our ward. John and Martha Hopkins were baptized by their son, Ben, who drove from north Carolina and is a convert of 3 years. It was moving to watch and be a part of. While they changed, we play the video clip "and none were with him" (the 2009 Easter message by the church, the one with elder Holland's conference talk). It was really touching and brought the spirit in while we waited. We all had brother stone play the piano, because he plays the hymns but arranges them himself. Also, we gave everyone there two cards to write a note/testimony to the William's and Hopkins's. Then, we had the primary kids sing 'I am a child of god'. Then, had a few short talks one by the relief society president and the bishop gave his closing remarks. It was a perfect service and the spirit was there strong. Sister Richan and I had set up a table display with DVDs, pamphlets, book of Mormon, and basically every piece of material we had. We had a lot of it picked up, so hopefully we will get some referrals.
On Sunday, all 4 were confirmed in church. John and Martha were confirmed by Martha's brother-in-law. Betty was confirmed by Charles Poppell and N.D. by Brother Hewett, the ward mission leader. It was wonderful. The entire ward was also impacted by it. everyone has such an excitement for missionary work. I think this baptism was exactly what this area needed to come to life. it was so powerful. You can truly see the light of Christ in Betty, N.D., Martha, and John. the weekend was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.
One other neat thing that happen on Sunday was N.D and Betty got temple recommends to go on the stake temple trip in two weeks and John and Martha are going to get theirs so they can go too!! They are excited for the opportunity to go do baptisms. John says he feels a sense of urgency to got the temple and work on his family names. they are all wonderful example and they just get it! They love the gospel and have grasped it and are running with it.
Also, John and N.D. were ordained to an office of a deacon on Sunday as well. N.D. went first. Then, john was next. When john sat down he asked if N.D. could stand in the circle as well. N.D. looks at bishop and he nods his head yes. Bishop change the words to "by the power of the Aaronic Priesthood which we hold" in order to cover everyone in the circle. it was powerful. What an exciting weekend. the gospel truly is a beautiful thing.

It really was a sweet baptism and I wish everyone could have seen it.

Love you!!
Sister Whipple

p.s. I told someone my first name the other day cause they asked. Then she said it and it was weird it didn't sound right. Never thought that would happen!

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