Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Day of Deer Hunting Season

January 31, 2011

It has been a weird week. We have still been sick all week and can't seem to get better. I am so over being sick and miserable. I am doing a lot better though. I still have a cough that I can't kick, and my throat is still sore. I am much better though. We did get meds from the doctor, but they made me worse then I got better. Still feel the same as when I went to the doctor so that really didn't help. We had zone conference this week, which means we drive down to Mobile, AL the night before (sleep at a member's who is super cool), spend the whole day in Mobile the next day, and get home in the evening that day. We were still pretty sick, so the trip kicked our trash. I am looking forward to next month; we have someone from the quorum of seventies coming to see us so that will be really good.

We had some good things happen this week. We have been working a lot with, sister J. She recently got married back in November. Her husband is not a member and has been coming to church with her every other week when he doesn't have work. He really enjoys it and seems really interested. Sister J has been doing really well with coming back to church. She has been in church the last 3 weeks. Also, I think having her husband come to church with her has really helped as well, because going to church alone can be a struggle for a lot of people. We are hoping to catch up with them this week to have a lesson. He’s kind of hard to catch because he works a lot. Also, we are trying to get a gospel principal’s class set up. Since our branch is so small we only have one Sunday school class for the adults it is hard to follow for nonmembers or less actives that need to go back to the basics. Also, we have been waiting all month to speak in sacrament meeting and finally got to speak on Sunday. We have been feeling like we need to talk about forgiving each other, and loving each other. Sister Hernandez and I were both kind of nervous about it. I focused my talk on forgiveness. I have never been so nervous to give a talk until that one. It went well. Sister Hernandez focused on repentance. The two combine went well together. Also, the branch presidency spoke to on forgiveness for their 5th Sunday topic. It was really good. I think the branch members felt it.

Deer hunting season ends more people will be freed up and we have about a month or month and a half before turkey season. All that means is people are WAY more available then they have been so that will be really good. Kind of funny that I know that info, but you got to in this part of the country.

Hope ya'll are well!


Sister Whipple

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It’s been a bit of a struggle this week. Sister Hernandez and I both got sick this week. We had some serious colds and were down. We were down for a few days and were stressed all week about our talks on Sunday. We are doing good though and they ended up not having to talk on Sunday...bummer. They had bumped us because they had a high counselor come. We were really disappointed we were going to talk about forgiving and going outside yourself to rescuing those who have fallen away. We had stressed about it all week. It was a bummer, but we should be talking next week. We had some really good visits this week. We headed out to a less active's and did service for her. We chopped wood and did a whole mess of stuff and even had the elders help us. It was really a lot of work, but we did a lot of work. It was really good. She lives in the boonies, so she doesn't get a lot of company. She loved having all of us there. It was a really good project. She came to church on Sunday with her nonmember husband. Her husband and her just got married in November. They are sweet. He has read the book of Mormon so we are hoping to get in with them. I think we are going to have a lot of opportunity to work with them. He also said that he really enjoyed church. We also had an inactive member come to church on Sunday who hasn't been in years and years. Things are starting to pick up for us and its going really well!

It has been really cold this week, but is finally warming up. Thanks goodness!!! I really do love it here, I love love love serving here, The people are so much fun. It’s awesome because you can be real with them. We just have a great time with them.

Love ya’ll,

Sister Whipple

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Been a Year!

It's been a year since we dropped Sister Whipple off at the MTC! Still missin ya!