Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Kelsie returns home from her mission on July 21st.

She will be speaking in church on Sunday July 24th. She would love to have "y'all" join us at church to hear from her and then come visit and have lunch with her at 12:00 that afternoon.
Lunch will be at the Whipple's house. Hope to see y'all there!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well! this is it!!! I really CAN'T believe it! I am excited and nervous! I have truly been super grateful for the opportunity to serve the lord. It was a small sacrifice in my life, but it has made all the difference! 

It has been a pleasure to serve in the Tallahassee Florida Mission ! I can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support that they gave me! Y'alls love and prayers carried me through and really helped me though it all!  I know I was suppose to serve here. I am so grateful! I will never forget the impact it made on my life!  I have stretched and grown. I always thought I was kind of a humble person before my mission. I think Heavenly Father really just want to beat the pride out of me until I was sufficiently humbled! I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to work and create patterns in my life to help me truly become like my savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is simply the word of god! My life has changed as I have let the words sink so deeply into my mind and heart that I CANNOT doubt it! I love the gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was indeed called as a prophet of god! I know that my savior lives! The gospel is so real and truly transforms us! I LOVE it! I know the power it has had in my life and I have felt the power of it in others lives! I am so grateful for the atonement in my life! I truly know that the atonement does make up for all my inadequacies but only AFTER I have done all I can do!

I could carry on for pages, but I know the gospel is basic and a few simple words clearly stated will go a lot further. I have a simple testimony, but I know it is the foundation upon which I will build the rest of my life!

Thank you for everything! I LOVE YOU!!!


Sister Whipple

PS: CAN'T wait to see y'all! Thursday!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

Y'all only have a few more of these to enjoy so soak them up!!!!
I hope everyone had a great fourth of July!!! It was a good week! I have done some serious reflecting this week I just came to a lot of conclusions and worked through some stuff! Our Bishop asked us to go get in as many member homes as we could this week to teach short power lessons. we are getting our ward moving with missionary work, we are really working to liven them up!! I think our hard work will pay off in the next week or so. as we went around everyone for the most part was really trying to work with there neighbors! It was super encouraging! It will take some work, but I feel this ward is going to be a power house in just a short little bit! They need some love and encouragement and they will see miracles! 
 I am feeling a lot of new life this week. I have received the focus and direction I need to just give it all I got! My time is really short and precious and I am really feeling it... which I really hate! It is good though! Also, we just got off the phone with President Jensen! He told us that two sisters are coming in tomorrow from the temple square mission to do their 3 months in the field here, so that is fun! Sister R and I will be getting one and we are not sure about the other. It is exciting and Sister R, the Aps, and I are picking them up from the airport cause President and Sister Jensen are on the other side of the mission. Really pretty exciting stuff! I am really looking forward to this week! We are really working with M a lot, but can't seem to really get things going. I really strong impressions that M would be baptized, I am still really hopeful! We have a really great lesson planned for today at a members house so I really pray it will get her back on track! We will see!
Pretty much that is about it! It was a good fourth of July! Nothing too exciting, just watch a few small fireworks and hang out with some members and some missionaries. It was good though! We got big plans for this week and are super excited! I really love being a missionary! I will miss it, so we are just going to keep liven it up!
Love ya,
Sister Whipple

This is at Zone Conference

Monday, June 27, 2011

 It is officially summer! The heat is way up! You can count on rain pretty much everyday at about 4pm! It will down pour, lightening, and thunder for about 30 minutes and then be left with horrible humidity, but not as hot! We had a storm yesterday while church was going on! We have sacrament meeting at the last of the block. We had a boy speaking who returned from his mission in Colorado.  As he was talking we could hardly hear him over the thunder! The lightening was literally right on top of us! Right at the end of his talk there was a huge POP/CRACK! Everyone jumped and the lady behind me screamed so loud!!! Then everyone just busted up laughing!! The microphone had blown!!! He finished his talk and we could barely hear him! It was an exciting meeting though!!

Our lesson with M was awesome! We had a great lesson but then we couldn't get a hold of her the rest of the week... not sure what's going on there! We got a call from her this morning and she still really wants to meet with us. We meet with her tomorrow which will be really good.

We have been doing a lot of less active work which has been really good. We are still struggling to find people to teach. The area has been tracted over, over and over, so we really need our members to help us out and support two sets of missionaries. It is just really slow. also, we just need to get stuff going with our ward mission leader. It will get better though! We will just do what we can and pray the lord directs us in what we should do!

Other then that, it was a rather slow week!...The summer seem to drag on! I can't believe July is practically here! It has slipped away! I can feel my mission wrapping up and really don't enjoy it... it is sad. I had some really sad realizations this week. I will really miss being a missionary! I will enjoy the sweet amount of time I have left!

LOVE ya'll,

Sister Whipple

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This week in Tally


Well, I don't have too much to report on... We had some lessons with M this week that were really pretty good. I have the strong impression to invite Martha to work towards baptism on July on 9th! Sister Jensen is going to come to the lesson with us tonight because she hasn't had the chance to come out with the sisters before and has wanted to. I am really excited for tonight!

We have mostly been just knockin doors and tracking down less actives this week! It was a fast week! Sister R and I got to be the youth speakers in sacrament meeting. Yep! I did just blah about how great my dad was to a congregation of strangers! It was great! I talked about how he always gave me pep talks at half time during my soccer games. I quoted elder oaks talk on desire, "When we have a vision of what we can become, our desire and our power to act increase enormously." I talked about how my dad could see more of my potential of what I could do and become! I then talked about Lehi and what an incredible father he was and shared in 2 Nephi 2:1-4ish when he is counseling Jacob and telling him the blessing that are in store for him. Lehi saw the vision of what Jacob could become! it was fun to talk about my dad on father's day! I loved!

It was a pretty good week! We are hoping to make some miracles happen this week!


Sister Whipple

Monday, June 13, 2011

Things are always changing!

I knew it was too good to be true that Sister Richan and Sister Tua'one would be who I finished my mission with! We found out yesterday that Sister Tua'one is being transferred back to the apartment we just moved from! President just said that he didn't think it was a good idea to have all the strong sisters together. Sister T is being transfers to the 4th ward in Tally! We will go on splits and trade offs and such together, but it won't be the same. I am kind of bummed but it will be fine. She is serving with two greenies ( they have only been out 6 weeks) and white washing an area. I have really really really LOVED serving with sister Tua'one! She has been such an incredible example! Also, it was like being with your best friend all day! It was just hard work and fun! At least we will still be able to hang out every now and then. I will say I am grateful not to be in a trio. I feel like you overwhelm people with 3 missionaries coming at you. I am grateful that I still will have a solid comp to finish the mish with! Tender mercy!!!!

Overall it was a pretty good week! It was a lot of packing and moving and getting situated. We weren't able to do as much work as we hoped. We had a really cool experience this week that really reminded me why I LOVE being a missionary. We got a call from one of our ward missionaries on Monday night. She had met a lady at Goodwill and was helping her move a table she had bought to her house for her. She asked us if we could come over and help unload it. We were just around the corner so we hustled over. When the member in our ward had helped her at Goodwill, some how the topic of religion came up. the member had told her it was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. M, the investigator, was just blown away! She had lost her home in New Orlando in Hurricane Katrina. She told us about her story and how she ended up in Tally after it. She was living at Latter-Day Saints church building around the corner (its the building we meet in), because during that time the building served as a shelter. She lived there for 2 or 3 months. She told us how she just did everything she could to help those who were there, Because it helped her to forget about all she lost (she was well off). She told us about a guy(the stake president at the time) who was there and how he helped her get a job that she was under qualified for, but he manage to create a job for her and she has worked there for 6 years now. She simply said that is where I got my start with tears in her eyes! It was really powerful! She is doing incredible! Just a year ago she got one of the habitat for humanity homes! She really has come so far. she wanted to come to church so we exchanged info with her and set up an appointment! We met with her on Saturday and had a really powerful first lesson on the restoration. She was really excited about The Book of Mormon. She almost didn't come to church on Sunday, but felt guilty and came to relief society. She participated in the lesson and really felt the spirit! it was solid! we have an appointment to teach her tonight! We are really excited! she seems very prepared and hungry for the gospel! it was a pretty incredible week!


Sister Whipple

Monday, June 6, 2011

New address

We are moving tomorrow, check out our new address:
Sister Kelsie Whipple
Florida Tallahassee Mission
1535 Killearn Center Blvd Ste. C-3
Tallahassee, FL 32309


I can't believe that I am on my last transfer! it doesn't feel real! I have some great new though! I will be be serving my last transfer with Sister Richan and Sister Tuaone!!! WOOT!! WOOT!!! I will be killed off by my daughter so that is fun! It should be just a really solid transfer! We have a few things in the works here in Tally 2nd. We have a part member family that we have an appointment to teach this week. The husband and daughter both aren't members and the wife has in the last couple of months lost her mother and had a baby girl. We really think that the family is prepared, but we will really be able to get a good read this week. I am excited for that! I don't really have anything too exciting for the week. We have just mostly been knocking doors and tractin down people. It has been record breaking heat this week. We had a couple of record highs in the 100s and it seemed to be the days were all we had to do was tracted. needless to say we had some rather miserable days this week! I have to say that our Bishop is one of the most incredible I have served around! He is really working to make some miracles in our ward! They have called all the young men and young women in the ward to be ward missionaries! they have put them in companionships and then assigned adults to be there shadows. we are shadowing a companionship. Basically, they gave them a few names, have the youth pray over their names, and then act! They are teaching the youth how to feed the lords sheep, act on revelation, and and to rely on the spirit. They all got mission calls for the summer and I think it will will help get the work of the lord moving in this ward. It will be really incredible. They have some solid and incredible youth, so I feel it will light up the rest of the ward! Well, we are moving apartments tomorrow, so just in case anyone would like to send some love (aka a package, letter, postcard, or whatever) my way just send it to the mission office. I will be living literally a half mile a way! I am really tight with the senior couples in the office and they will be my new neighbors and will just drop our mail off at our place for us! pretty sweet deal! I am excited for this transfer! it will be a really solid one! I really love our ward! its a tough area, but really a sweet ward! Plus, they are over the moon about having sisters, so it is way good!


Sister Whipple

Monday, May 30, 2011

Back in Tally

It was a weird week! We have one foot in 5th ward and the rest in 2nd ward. We basically have had to give all the people we were working with in 5th ward over to the Elders which is kind of a bummer. We still live over by FSU but in order to drive to our area we have to go to the other side of town. It makes for a ton of driving. We are excited though. We have a really solid bishop who is super focused on missionary work. For 5th Sunday they had the ward mission leader,the elders and us all teach RS/priesthood. It was good just kind of weird because we didn't know anyone in the ward. They do rs/ priesthood first, then Sunday school, and then sacrament, so we started off church, it was good. We talked to the ward about having a family mission plan. I thought it went really well. I am excited to be in this ward though. it is by far the largest ward I have served in out here. It is a really big change, it was kind of over whelming to have so many people in church. It was really cool though. we have a huge area and cover a whole county that goes from GA all the way down to the Gulf! We have the largest ward area wise and maybe even members wise in the stake. Its big and we have mostly just been driving and guessing where people live. it is a big change but we are excited. We are moving apartments in a week and a half so it will be way better and really save on driving. We are a little stressed trying to find people to teach, but something will come up. we are just basically knocking door and swimming around in the humidity. Its definitely going to be a challenge...but we determined to find the one. Sister T and I will most like finish our mission together so it will be good. things are good though. hope y'all have a great holiday! I love ya!
Sister Whipple

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Way busy week!!! On Friday, we got a call from the Mission President asking us about our apartment, if the 1st ward or our apartment had enough room for another set of sisters. I said neither really does. He asked what if I want a set of Sister missionaries in 4th ward and I said then it would have to be our apartment, because it is in 4th ward. I ask if he was moving some sisters in soon and from where he said the sisters from Lynn Haven, and he was not sure but probably next transfer. He then told us I want you to be in 2nd ward starting now. Transfer Time! He said your main priority should be 2nd ward and if 5th ward (our current ward) needs something then you help out. Well, 2nd ward meet in the building on the north side of town and we now are driving across town to get to our area. Also, 5th and 2nd ward meet at the same time, so we will almost never be in 5th ward. Sister T and I have found as many investigators as people find in a transfer in three weeks here, so we can't just drop 5th ward. we are going to have to weed through our gators to see who is progressing and then pass them to the elders that will be covering the ward. Are main priority is 2nd ward though. We are crazy excited to be in 2nd ward, It is a one on the biggest areas in the zone.

We had a slammed week of finding and teaching! Sister T and I had a really cool experience tracting this week! We had decided to tract all day because we so badly want to find someone to teach. Things were going along just fine and we had a few people invite us back later. We knocked on a door and this girl answers. We give our rundown and she invites us in! She begins to tell us all about her experiences with prayer and how she knows that god has guided her here to America. She is for Ecuador and has been the states for 5 years going to school at FAMU. She plays volleyball there on a full ride scholarship and had one more year left to finish her schooling so she was able to get a full ride scholarship for tennis. She is just a crazy athlete and super hard working. She was really way cool. She just kept talking and telling us more about herself. We were able to tell her bits and pieces of things and she would just reply with I believe everything your saying. We ended up talking to her for a while. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet. We set up an appointment when we could sit down and teacher her more and help her find the answers that she is looking for. Sister T and I both just left with the impression that she is hungry for the gospel and that she has been prepared for it. It was a really cool.

Well, we have been just working crazy hard and really doing all we can to find and teach people! It has been incredible how much we have been able to double our efforts by having a car! I am really excited for the opportunity to be in Tallahassee 2nd ward. Also, I forgot to mention that 2nd ward's bishop is the institute director and pretty awesome. We have a pretty good relationship with him, because we teach lessons there and use the institute for breaks to escape the heat for a minute. He should also, be really cool to work with.

Anyways, it was a great week we had a lot of good stuff happen and I feel more is to come!


Sister Whipple

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We went to a member's home and they had a party. We had like 60% of the active branch there, so like 20 to 30 people. It was way fun. we had fried squirrel, of course, and deer wrapped in bacon. It's also turkey season right know so we had fresh wild turkey which was fired as well. It was all really good. For activities it was shooting clay pigeons in the yard, homemade sling shoots and we even had whips that we were cracking! It was fun!
Well, I am officially a redneck! On Friday, we spent the whole day with Brother R which means only one thing...it's going to get crazy! Well, we were out the door at 5:45 am, we went and watched the dogs chase the hogs in R's pen. He has like 800 and something acres, we could hear, but not see, brother R did throw the hog in the cage on his 4 wheeler, so we got to see it. We just let it go in the pen again though. then, we drove down the rode a few miles to a friend of R's , Mr. T and used his pond. He has a huge pond with dock that goes like a 100 yard with a covered deck and dock on the end! It was awesome. I only used a cane pole the whole time and guess who caught the most fish! That's right me!!! I caught 14 fish! Mostly Brim with a few Bass! I LOVED IT!!!! It never got old even when I sat there for two hours with no bites! I had never been fishing before, but I will never forget the feeling of seeing the bobber go down yanking the pull and finding a fish on my hook! I was so much fun! I just had a blast. We had brother R's wife, V, his son, B(19), and daughter, A(23), all came fishing with us too. We had a crew and brother R's family is so much fun! They are a lot like my family so I love being with them. We caught 60 something fish between all of us! We went back to R's camp house and cleaned the fish1 I learned how to descale a fish! Not really a fan of that part, but was glad I didn't have to gut them. then, we had a huge fish fry! We have fried fish and hush puppies(a fried corn bread type thing) and potato salad! it was an great day! I love every minute of it! I have a great redneck tan line on my neck now, so I am officially a redneck! ONLY in BAMA!!!

The three of us at Brother R's pen! He brought cameo shirts for us to all wear! We love it!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It wasn't a dream....We got Sister T!

Hernandez, Tuaone, and me at transfer spots in Pensacola on Wednesday! We couldn't believe President was really going to let us all serve together! It was sweet!

Busy week... we spent the beginning of the week getting stuff for our apartment so we had it situated when we got Sister Tuaone (sounds like dew-ah 'oh-nah). We have three bed slammed in our bedroom and only about 8 to 12 inches between each bed! Needless to say we are on living in really tight quarters! It is a 2 bedroom and one bath so it has been pretty chaotic! It has been so cool. Sister T is from Salt Lake City, UT. She is number 7 of 11 kids, Tongan, a really hard worker, and is super easy to get along with. I think it will be really good. All three of us get along really well!

We decided to make a little something something for Sister T when she got here! We spray painted a sign for her of her favorite phase! "Dats wats Up!" she loved it! Huge success! I think my favorite moment was President Jensen smile on his face when he rolled up to transfer spots! He just laughed and stopped in front of it rolled down his window and took a picture of us! I was even funnier to hear him try and say "that's what’s up" the way it was written! Definitely awesome!

Our branch is really focused on bring back what we already have. We are finding that it is really strengthening the branch to have members walk in the chapel that haven't been in for awhile! It’s pretty awesome to see the branch embrace them! We are having some miracles happen in the rescuing department, but are struggling to find. Our attendance in sacrament meeting have gone from the low 50s to around 63 in the last several months, so people are coming back. It’s really cool.

The Bama adventure this week...BEE BALLIN! (Well that's what they call it)

It's exactly what it sounds like you play with Bees! We have big huge bees here called carpenter bees that are like the size of my thumb. They don't bit or sting you, but are intimidating! Well, they are a big pest because they eat wood and dig holes in it, which can ruin a lot of stuff. We were at a member's house and he has a saw mill like everyone else around here, so he has a lot of wood and a lot of bees. He asked us if we wanted to go bee ballin and we didn't know what he was talking about, so we naturally said yes! We go outside. He has this stick with chicken fencing on it (it looked like a fly swatter on steroids). He starts whacking bees out of the air and stomping them! We try it and before we know it we all found sticks and were whacking bees out the air and stomping them! It was so funny to watch us running around whacking bees! We would hit them to the ground and it would knock them out, so we would stomp them before they came to! We loved it! So so so funny! We all probably killed a total of like 50 bees! That's bee ballin! It was really just another Bama moment!

Hope everyone is well!!! I love you!!

Sister Whipple

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14, 2011

We drove to Pensacola this week for a 1/2 mission conference . We had Brother Marshall from the mission department come and train us on Mormon.org. I really enjoyed it. It was basically the behind the scenes Mormon.org, which is cool. I am really excited about it, I want to use it, but 90% of the members in the area don't have computers and don't have the Internet. We are really hoping all the members of the branch counsel will create their profiles. We will meet them at the church or their homes and show them how to do it. We are going to print out the basic information you need to create the profiles. We will have them write out their answers. We will then get on help them set up the profiles. We will, also, take the pictures of them on our cameras to upload. The beauty of having a small branch it's not too many for us to create, but it will be a big project, but very due-able. I am excited about Mormon.org. Last night, we were at a family’s home. I was telling her about how excited I was about the future of missionary work. I explained about Mormon.org and the direction the church was heading. I saw her iPhone sitting on the counter, so I asked if I could see it. She said yeah sure. I picked it up and got on Mormon.org and showed her 3 of the videos of people's profiles. She was like wow that is really cool. She loved seeing and hearing from real people. It was a cool experience and the first time I have really got to see how Mormon.org can affect people. It made me really excited to share it more with people and to change my approach to sharing the gospel in a new way.

We had a really great week with service. We realize a lot of people in the community don't know us or about the church. We volunteer at the "To Kill a Mocking Bird" museum every week.

The author, Harper Lee, is from
Monroeville and lives somewhere around here in an assisted living place. The old courthouse at the center of the square here is where the movie was film and is now the museum. It's the towns claim to fame. They also run a few other museums in the area. One of which is the river museum that is at the Lock and Dam. They were having a small festival down there that was Indian and frontier camps. The museum was desperate for volunteers. We volunteered for Thursday- Saturday. It was really good. We got to talk with a lot of people and answer some questions about us. One lady who I was working with , I spent the whole day talking religion and answering her questions it was really cool. It was really good experience. It made for a very busy week, but it was really good.

We are getting a 3rd Sister, I am excited to be getting sister T, Tuaone! We pick her up in Wednesday, so another trip to Pensacola this week. We have gone to Pensacola every week this month! I have wanted to service with sister T forever and I am excited to do so.

Turtle hunting! A family we were visiting have a big pond in there yard. We could see something popping its head up in the pond. They had a fishing pole on the porch, so we were like let’s go fish. We grabbed our rubber boots out of our car (yes we keep them in the car! you never know when you need them!). The 20 year old daughter E grabs her 22 because they have a water moccasin problem, so she could shoot them. Hernandez has a rod and I have a net (I was planning on catching a snapping turtle!). We get down there and the water is super murky from the storm we had on Wednesday. I couldn't see any turtle close or small enough to catch. Hernandez caught a fish but it fell off the hook right before she got it up the bank. The best part of it was E was sitting there with her 22 just pick off turtles out in the pond! She shot easily 25 turtle in the hour we were out there! You could hear when the bullets hit the shell! It was really pretty fun! The only bummer was they sink when you shoot them and float up a few days later. It was fun! They have a huge turtle problem in there pond that is causing problems for there fish so they needed to get rid of some of the turtles! I loved it! Adventures in BAMA!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday 3-7-2011

Well, I really enjoyed the conference this week. We had Elder Packer of the Seventy. He was just a really sweet man. It was cool because he only had a few things that he felt he need to talk about. He mostly he just did Q and A! We just asked about whatever we wanted. It was a really relaxed and friendly environment. We set some goals as a mission. It really was motivating, we will do our best. It made me really have a greater desire to rise to the challenge. I feel really good about them and want so badly to meet the challenge. I was left with a greater desire to do better. I can do it.

Also, I am really excited because we got a ward mission leader after over a month of waiting. His name is Brother A. He's a really cool and funny old guy. He served a mission like 10 years ago with his wife in new Zealand. He loves missionary work! His wife is just super sweet, he is really excited about it and we love him. I think it will be really good. I am really looking forward to working with him.

I am looking forward to this week we are going to be trained on mormon.org so that will be good, but it means another long day in Pensacola!


Sister Whipple

Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Comp Sister Hernandez

Hernandez, T and Me on Transfer Day

Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Day of Deer Hunting Season

January 31, 2011

It has been a weird week. We have still been sick all week and can't seem to get better. I am so over being sick and miserable. I am doing a lot better though. I still have a cough that I can't kick, and my throat is still sore. I am much better though. We did get meds from the doctor, but they made me worse then I got better. Still feel the same as when I went to the doctor so that really didn't help. We had zone conference this week, which means we drive down to Mobile, AL the night before (sleep at a member's who is super cool), spend the whole day in Mobile the next day, and get home in the evening that day. We were still pretty sick, so the trip kicked our trash. I am looking forward to next month; we have someone from the quorum of seventies coming to see us so that will be really good.

We had some good things happen this week. We have been working a lot with, sister J. She recently got married back in November. Her husband is not a member and has been coming to church with her every other week when he doesn't have work. He really enjoys it and seems really interested. Sister J has been doing really well with coming back to church. She has been in church the last 3 weeks. Also, I think having her husband come to church with her has really helped as well, because going to church alone can be a struggle for a lot of people. We are hoping to catch up with them this week to have a lesson. He’s kind of hard to catch because he works a lot. Also, we are trying to get a gospel principal’s class set up. Since our branch is so small we only have one Sunday school class for the adults it is hard to follow for nonmembers or less actives that need to go back to the basics. Also, we have been waiting all month to speak in sacrament meeting and finally got to speak on Sunday. We have been feeling like we need to talk about forgiving each other, and loving each other. Sister Hernandez and I were both kind of nervous about it. I focused my talk on forgiveness. I have never been so nervous to give a talk until that one. It went well. Sister Hernandez focused on repentance. The two combine went well together. Also, the branch presidency spoke to on forgiveness for their 5th Sunday topic. It was really good. I think the branch members felt it.

Deer hunting season ends today...so more people will be freed up and we have about a month or month and a half before turkey season. All that means is people are WAY more available then they have been so that will be really good. Kind of funny that I know that info, but you got to in this part of the country.

Hope ya'll are well!


Sister Whipple

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It’s been a bit of a struggle this week. Sister Hernandez and I both got sick this week. We had some serious colds and were down. We were down for a few days and were stressed all week about our talks on Sunday. We are doing good though and they ended up not having to talk on Sunday...bummer. They had bumped us because they had a high counselor come. We were really disappointed we were going to talk about forgiving and going outside yourself to rescuing those who have fallen away. We had stressed about it all week. It was a bummer, but we should be talking next week. We had some really good visits this week. We headed out to a less active's and did service for her. We chopped wood and did a whole mess of stuff and even had the elders help us. It was really a lot of work, but we did a lot of work. It was really good. She lives in the boonies, so she doesn't get a lot of company. She loved having all of us there. It was a really good project. She came to church on Sunday with her nonmember husband. Her husband and her just got married in November. They are sweet. He has read the book of Mormon so we are hoping to get in with them. I think we are going to have a lot of opportunity to work with them. He also said that he really enjoyed church. We also had an inactive member come to church on Sunday who hasn't been in years and years. Things are starting to pick up for us and its going really well!

It has been really cold this week, but is finally warming up. Thanks goodness!!! I really do love it here, I love love love serving here, The people are so much fun. It’s awesome because you can be real with them. We just have a great time with them.

Love ya’ll,

Sister Whipple

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Been a Year!

It's been a year since we dropped Sister Whipple off at the MTC! Still missin ya!