Monday, March 21, 2011

It wasn't a dream....We got Sister T!

Hernandez, Tuaone, and me at transfer spots in Pensacola on Wednesday! We couldn't believe President was really going to let us all serve together! It was sweet!

Busy week... we spent the beginning of the week getting stuff for our apartment so we had it situated when we got Sister Tuaone (sounds like dew-ah 'oh-nah). We have three bed slammed in our bedroom and only about 8 to 12 inches between each bed! Needless to say we are on living in really tight quarters! It is a 2 bedroom and one bath so it has been pretty chaotic! It has been so cool. Sister T is from Salt Lake City, UT. She is number 7 of 11 kids, Tongan, a really hard worker, and is super easy to get along with. I think it will be really good. All three of us get along really well!

We decided to make a little something something for Sister T when she got here! We spray painted a sign for her of her favorite phase! "Dats wats Up!" she loved it! Huge success! I think my favorite moment was President Jensen smile on his face when he rolled up to transfer spots! He just laughed and stopped in front of it rolled down his window and took a picture of us! I was even funnier to hear him try and say "that's what’s up" the way it was written! Definitely awesome!

Our branch is really focused on bring back what we already have. We are finding that it is really strengthening the branch to have members walk in the chapel that haven't been in for awhile! It’s pretty awesome to see the branch embrace them! We are having some miracles happen in the rescuing department, but are struggling to find. Our attendance in sacrament meeting have gone from the low 50s to around 63 in the last several months, so people are coming back. It’s really cool.

The Bama adventure this week...BEE BALLIN! (Well that's what they call it)

It's exactly what it sounds like you play with Bees! We have big huge bees here called carpenter bees that are like the size of my thumb. They don't bit or sting you, but are intimidating! Well, they are a big pest because they eat wood and dig holes in it, which can ruin a lot of stuff. We were at a member's house and he has a saw mill like everyone else around here, so he has a lot of wood and a lot of bees. He asked us if we wanted to go bee ballin and we didn't know what he was talking about, so we naturally said yes! We go outside. He has this stick with chicken fencing on it (it looked like a fly swatter on steroids). He starts whacking bees out of the air and stomping them! We try it and before we know it we all found sticks and were whacking bees out the air and stomping them! It was so funny to watch us running around whacking bees! We would hit them to the ground and it would knock them out, so we would stomp them before they came to! We loved it! So so so funny! We all probably killed a total of like 50 bees! That's bee ballin! It was really just another Bama moment!

Hope everyone is well!!! I love you!!

Sister Whipple

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