Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We went to a member's home and they had a party. We had like 60% of the active branch there, so like 20 to 30 people. It was way fun. we had fried squirrel, of course, and deer wrapped in bacon. It's also turkey season right know so we had fresh wild turkey which was fired as well. It was all really good. For activities it was shooting clay pigeons in the yard, homemade sling shoots and we even had whips that we were cracking! It was fun!
Well, I am officially a redneck! On Friday, we spent the whole day with Brother R which means only one's going to get crazy! Well, we were out the door at 5:45 am, we went and watched the dogs chase the hogs in R's pen. He has like 800 and something acres, we could hear, but not see, brother R did throw the hog in the cage on his 4 wheeler, so we got to see it. We just let it go in the pen again though. then, we drove down the rode a few miles to a friend of R's , Mr. T and used his pond. He has a huge pond with dock that goes like a 100 yard with a covered deck and dock on the end! It was awesome. I only used a cane pole the whole time and guess who caught the most fish! That's right me!!! I caught 14 fish! Mostly Brim with a few Bass! I LOVED IT!!!! It never got old even when I sat there for two hours with no bites! I had never been fishing before, but I will never forget the feeling of seeing the bobber go down yanking the pull and finding a fish on my hook! I was so much fun! I just had a blast. We had brother R's wife, V, his son, B(19), and daughter, A(23), all came fishing with us too. We had a crew and brother R's family is so much fun! They are a lot like my family so I love being with them. We caught 60 something fish between all of us! We went back to R's camp house and cleaned the fish1 I learned how to descale a fish! Not really a fan of that part, but was glad I didn't have to gut them. then, we had a huge fish fry! We have fried fish and hush puppies(a fried corn bread type thing) and potato salad! it was an great day! I love every minute of it! I have a great redneck tan line on my neck now, so I am officially a redneck! ONLY in BAMA!!!

The three of us at Brother R's pen! He brought cameo shirts for us to all wear! We love it!!!