Monday, June 6, 2011


I can't believe that I am on my last transfer! it doesn't feel real! I have some great new though! I will be be serving my last transfer with Sister Richan and Sister Tuaone!!! WOOT!! WOOT!!! I will be killed off by my daughter so that is fun! It should be just a really solid transfer! We have a few things in the works here in Tally 2nd. We have a part member family that we have an appointment to teach this week. The husband and daughter both aren't members and the wife has in the last couple of months lost her mother and had a baby girl. We really think that the family is prepared, but we will really be able to get a good read this week. I am excited for that! I don't really have anything too exciting for the week. We have just mostly been knocking doors and tractin down people. It has been record breaking heat this week. We had a couple of record highs in the 100s and it seemed to be the days were all we had to do was tracted. needless to say we had some rather miserable days this week! I have to say that our Bishop is one of the most incredible I have served around! He is really working to make some miracles in our ward! They have called all the young men and young women in the ward to be ward missionaries! they have put them in companionships and then assigned adults to be there shadows. we are shadowing a companionship. Basically, they gave them a few names, have the youth pray over their names, and then act! They are teaching the youth how to feed the lords sheep, act on revelation, and and to rely on the spirit. They all got mission calls for the summer and I think it will will help get the work of the lord moving in this ward. It will be really incredible. They have some solid and incredible youth, so I feel it will light up the rest of the ward! Well, we are moving apartments tomorrow, so just in case anyone would like to send some love (aka a package, letter, postcard, or whatever) my way just send it to the mission office. I will be living literally a half mile a way! I am really tight with the senior couples in the office and they will be my new neighbors and will just drop our mail off at our place for us! pretty sweet deal! I am excited for this transfer! it will be a really solid one! I really love our ward! its a tough area, but really a sweet ward! Plus, they are over the moon about having sisters, so it is way good!


Sister Whipple

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