Monday, May 30, 2011

Back in Tally

It was a weird week! We have one foot in 5th ward and the rest in 2nd ward. We basically have had to give all the people we were working with in 5th ward over to the Elders which is kind of a bummer. We still live over by FSU but in order to drive to our area we have to go to the other side of town. It makes for a ton of driving. We are excited though. We have a really solid bishop who is super focused on missionary work. For 5th Sunday they had the ward mission leader,the elders and us all teach RS/priesthood. It was good just kind of weird because we didn't know anyone in the ward. They do rs/ priesthood first, then Sunday school, and then sacrament, so we started off church, it was good. We talked to the ward about having a family mission plan. I thought it went really well. I am excited to be in this ward though. it is by far the largest ward I have served in out here. It is a really big change, it was kind of over whelming to have so many people in church. It was really cool though. we have a huge area and cover a whole county that goes from GA all the way down to the Gulf! We have the largest ward area wise and maybe even members wise in the stake. Its big and we have mostly just been driving and guessing where people live. it is a big change but we are excited. We are moving apartments in a week and a half so it will be way better and really save on driving. We are a little stressed trying to find people to teach, but something will come up. we are just basically knocking door and swimming around in the humidity. Its definitely going to be a challenge...but we determined to find the one. Sister T and I will most like finish our mission together so it will be good. things are good though. hope y'all have a great holiday! I love ya!
Sister Whipple

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