Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Way busy week!!! On Friday, we got a call from the Mission President asking us about our apartment, if the 1st ward or our apartment had enough room for another set of sisters. I said neither really does. He asked what if I want a set of Sister missionaries in 4th ward and I said then it would have to be our apartment, because it is in 4th ward. I ask if he was moving some sisters in soon and from where he said the sisters from Lynn Haven, and he was not sure but probably next transfer. He then told us I want you to be in 2nd ward starting now. Transfer Time! He said your main priority should be 2nd ward and if 5th ward (our current ward) needs something then you help out. Well, 2nd ward meet in the building on the north side of town and we now are driving across town to get to our area. Also, 5th and 2nd ward meet at the same time, so we will almost never be in 5th ward. Sister T and I have found as many investigators as people find in a transfer in three weeks here, so we can't just drop 5th ward. we are going to have to weed through our gators to see who is progressing and then pass them to the elders that will be covering the ward. Are main priority is 2nd ward though. We are crazy excited to be in 2nd ward, It is a one on the biggest areas in the zone.

We had a slammed week of finding and teaching! Sister T and I had a really cool experience tracting this week! We had decided to tract all day because we so badly want to find someone to teach. Things were going along just fine and we had a few people invite us back later. We knocked on a door and this girl answers. We give our rundown and she invites us in! She begins to tell us all about her experiences with prayer and how she knows that god has guided her here to America. She is for Ecuador and has been the states for 5 years going to school at FAMU. She plays volleyball there on a full ride scholarship and had one more year left to finish her schooling so she was able to get a full ride scholarship for tennis. She is just a crazy athlete and super hard working. She was really way cool. She just kept talking and telling us more about herself. We were able to tell her bits and pieces of things and she would just reply with I believe everything your saying. We ended up talking to her for a while. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet. We set up an appointment when we could sit down and teacher her more and help her find the answers that she is looking for. Sister T and I both just left with the impression that she is hungry for the gospel and that she has been prepared for it. It was a really cool.

Well, we have been just working crazy hard and really doing all we can to find and teach people! It has been incredible how much we have been able to double our efforts by having a car! I am really excited for the opportunity to be in Tallahassee 2nd ward. Also, I forgot to mention that 2nd ward's bishop is the institute director and pretty awesome. We have a pretty good relationship with him, because we teach lessons there and use the institute for breaks to escape the heat for a minute. He should also, be really cool to work with.

Anyways, it was a great week we had a lot of good stuff happen and I feel more is to come!


Sister Whipple

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