Monday, June 13, 2011

Things are always changing!

I knew it was too good to be true that Sister Richan and Sister Tua'one would be who I finished my mission with! We found out yesterday that Sister Tua'one is being transferred back to the apartment we just moved from! President just said that he didn't think it was a good idea to have all the strong sisters together. Sister T is being transfers to the 4th ward in Tally! We will go on splits and trade offs and such together, but it won't be the same. I am kind of bummed but it will be fine. She is serving with two greenies ( they have only been out 6 weeks) and white washing an area. I have really really really LOVED serving with sister Tua'one! She has been such an incredible example! Also, it was like being with your best friend all day! It was just hard work and fun! At least we will still be able to hang out every now and then. I will say I am grateful not to be in a trio. I feel like you overwhelm people with 3 missionaries coming at you. I am grateful that I still will have a solid comp to finish the mish with! Tender mercy!!!!

Overall it was a pretty good week! It was a lot of packing and moving and getting situated. We weren't able to do as much work as we hoped. We had a really cool experience this week that really reminded me why I LOVE being a missionary. We got a call from one of our ward missionaries on Monday night. She had met a lady at Goodwill and was helping her move a table she had bought to her house for her. She asked us if we could come over and help unload it. We were just around the corner so we hustled over. When the member in our ward had helped her at Goodwill, some how the topic of religion came up. the member had told her it was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. M, the investigator, was just blown away! She had lost her home in New Orlando in Hurricane Katrina. She told us about her story and how she ended up in Tally after it. She was living at Latter-Day Saints church building around the corner (its the building we meet in), because during that time the building served as a shelter. She lived there for 2 or 3 months. She told us how she just did everything she could to help those who were there, Because it helped her to forget about all she lost (she was well off). She told us about a guy(the stake president at the time) who was there and how he helped her get a job that she was under qualified for, but he manage to create a job for her and she has worked there for 6 years now. She simply said that is where I got my start with tears in her eyes! It was really powerful! She is doing incredible! Just a year ago she got one of the habitat for humanity homes! She really has come so far. she wanted to come to church so we exchanged info with her and set up an appointment! We met with her on Saturday and had a really powerful first lesson on the restoration. She was really excited about The Book of Mormon. She almost didn't come to church on Sunday, but felt guilty and came to relief society. She participated in the lesson and really felt the spirit! it was solid! we have an appointment to teach her tonight! We are really excited! she seems very prepared and hungry for the gospel! it was a pretty incredible week!


Sister Whipple

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