Monday, June 27, 2011

 It is officially summer! The heat is way up! You can count on rain pretty much everyday at about 4pm! It will down pour, lightening, and thunder for about 30 minutes and then be left with horrible humidity, but not as hot! We had a storm yesterday while church was going on! We have sacrament meeting at the last of the block. We had a boy speaking who returned from his mission in Colorado.  As he was talking we could hardly hear him over the thunder! The lightening was literally right on top of us! Right at the end of his talk there was a huge POP/CRACK! Everyone jumped and the lady behind me screamed so loud!!! Then everyone just busted up laughing!! The microphone had blown!!! He finished his talk and we could barely hear him! It was an exciting meeting though!!

Our lesson with M was awesome! We had a great lesson but then we couldn't get a hold of her the rest of the week... not sure what's going on there! We got a call from her this morning and she still really wants to meet with us. We meet with her tomorrow which will be really good.

We have been doing a lot of less active work which has been really good. We are still struggling to find people to teach. The area has been tracted over, over and over, so we really need our members to help us out and support two sets of missionaries. It is just really slow. also, we just need to get stuff going with our ward mission leader. It will get better though! We will just do what we can and pray the lord directs us in what we should do!

Other then that, it was a rather slow week!...The summer seem to drag on! I can't believe July is practically here! It has slipped away! I can feel my mission wrapping up and really don't enjoy it... it is sad. I had some really sad realizations this week. I will really miss being a missionary! I will enjoy the sweet amount of time I have left!

LOVE ya'll,

Sister Whipple

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