Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Official!

Sisters get treated so well at the MTC. Elders go out of their way to open doors,
take our trays and stand up when Sisters sit down.
We are always told how great we are. It's really nice!
I love waking up at 6:00AM! Surprisingly, I spring out of bed
with no problem, and go right to work. We are part of a
pilot program, instead of trying to learn all the lessons,
spend time learning to teach people. We learn to figure
what people are feeling and how to best help them
feel of Gods love and our love for them.
We teach people not lessons!

I have not seen Brady Hale (my cousin that reported this week,
He is headed for Peoria Illinois Mission)yet, but the Hale family
(my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dave and their family) sent me a
really sweet package with some pictures, matching pillow cases
for me and my companion (she love it) and some fruit snacks;
that my district appreciated.
Thank you Hales I love it!
It's crazy how exciting it is when you get mail or a package.
I really do appreciate all your love and support.
The is really cool, we get the letters the same day.

I have a great district!
I love learning, I forgot how much I love to learn. I am grateful to be here,
it really feels right. I have never felt the spirit so close so often.
I can feel Heavenly Fathers love for you guys at home and for me.
I know that he is blessing me because I have already seen these
blessings in just this short time.

This is my companion Sister Mitchell.
We have been taught that our mission gives us the tools so
we can endure. Our most important job isn't missionaries, but it
takes place in the home (our own homes). Our missions are to
prepare us for our most important role. Going on a mission
is just a spring board for the future.
I miss and love you Guys!

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  1. That's my girl. The most beautiful, colorful one there!