Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

I got a fairly harsh rejection when we were tracking on Saturday. I'm still getting the hang of it and I get really nervous at every door. I knocked on the door a man in his 40s, scruffy, gray, and in work clothes (a little messy) answers. Also, he had the prettiest blue eyes I have every since. They were the kindest most deceiving eyes that I have ever seen. He says "Dust off your feet." I said "what!?! "He replies "are you familiar with the scripture? ”Dust off your feet and go to the next town" Ouch! And I'm NOT familiar with that scripture, but apparently it's a curse. I thought sweet I just got my first curse not the case. If people reject the gospel and you (missionary or any one preaching) dust off your feet on their door it leaves a curse (it in the New Testament). We have been banned from doing that. I thought it was really funny though. I really enjoy tracking.
Well, I had one really amazing experience this week that washed away a lot of my doubts. On Wednesday night, we went on splits which were great because it gave us a break from each other and tested me. I went out with Sister Gibbons who has just come back to activity. She's great. We laugh and really get along well. We decided to go visit a less active (Sister Chapman about 70 years old) and had a really good visit with her. Sister Gibbons was able to share her struggle with inactivity. I think it was really good for Sister Chapman to hear and relate to. Then, we went and visited our investigators (Betty and N.D. Williams). They have recently got new quads and when we were there the night before had mentioned they would like to start marking them. Sister Hall had a new pack of scripture marks and I took the double side blue/red pencils. I taught them how to mark their scriptures using the blue for blessing and red for action. It was really a great lesson and they loved it. I felt prompted to read and mark Ether 12:27 with them. We read that and it was good. After, we began talking about all kinds of things. We talked about the temple and how once they are baptized they can do baptism for the dead. Betty was really interested in that. She asked if she could be baptized for her mom and I said yep! Then, we talked about the sacrament. Then, we ended back talking about the scriptures. Betty had mentioned that she struggled understanding them because she isn't familiar with them. I talked about honestly with them, and about things that I struggle with. To remember the scripture we had read. I told her if she continues to read, and pray for the strength to understand the scriptures. I promised her that she may feel this is one of her weaknesses now, but if we prays for strength that the scriptures will become her strength. She said that she never though to do that and she would do that. It was very powerful. I have never taught like that in my life. I know the spirit was guiding my and prompting me that night. I did not teach that lesson, the Holy Ghost did.
On Sunday, N.D. Williams came up to me and whisper in my ear that "I done good" and that it really softened Betty's heart. I know she felt the spirit too. After, church Betty and N.D. set a date! March 27th. (Same day as the Hopkins) WOOT Woot! I'm so excited for them.
I know that it truly is the Holy Ghost that teaches by just simply the tools, if I be myself.

Time's up! Love you!
Ps. woke up to any amazing thunder and lighting storm today! Loved it!

Love you


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