Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter #2

Dear Family,
I hope you got my letter this week! If not, here's my address:
3913 Pisa Dr. Apt.D-5
Panama City, Fl 32405

Well this week has been pretty good. We are taught an older couple, N.D. and Betty Williams, about the plan of salvation this week. As we were talking about the atonement and reading in Alma 7, N.D. stopped me. He asked if we could read the next verse which I wasn't planning on. The verse was all about baptism. We asked why he wanted to read it and he said cause he wants to be baptized. N.D. and Betty both committed to march 6. Betty is unsure but said she'll work for it. They are the sweetest little couple and it was a really powerful lesson.
On Thursday, we went to the Bueadetts for dinner (doesn't that name just sound like the south). Well, it was Andrea, Jack (husband and non-member); their daughter Mimi, us and they had their friend Aaron. Well, Jack is a military, joker, rough and sweet guy. Sister Hall had warned me that I should be on guard. Well, after dinner we went and sat around the fire and were just laughing and having a good time. Aaron, who was a "non-member," at least that’s what they had told me and how he was acting. He went inside and got everyone beers in the glass bottles. He placed one in front of Sister Hall but not me or Mimi. He begins to say that this whole Mormon this sounds great, this is his last beer, and what does he have to do to be baptized. Sister hall starts telling him all this things and he says he'll do it next weekend if she drinks a beer. When before I know it sister halls got her beer open and is drinking. I'm sitting there thinking this is not really happening and then well apparently this is how its done in the south. I just sat there. Then, Aaron starts talking about his mission and it hit me. I Got Punk'd. Jack had downed a bunch of beers, cleaned them out, and filled them with soda. They were playing their parts perfectly and jack loved me after that. It was pretty funny.
On Saturday we went to a member's house and they made me an all green breakfast, but Sister Hall didn't tell me about it and I had already had huge breakfast burritos before. It was fun though.

Hey, Ben I have to tell you something you'll appreciated. We were tracking and talking to this lady for a while and she wanted us to leave with a word of pray, so on her drive way we all held hands and sister hall gave a prayer. It was pretty awesome. We also have an investigator who is more comfortable praying that way so the bishop has us all hold hands and pray that way at their house.
Sasha got your letter. Thank you! I LOVED the picture. It gave me a really good laugh. Also, I sent you a letter but to the martin address so ask Kristen about it.

Carolyn, I forgot to tell you something in your letter. Elizabeth Smart was in the MTC when I was and I saw a few times and all I could think was "You don't come back from something like that!"
Also, tell grandma and Wynne thanks you the card I really enjoyed it.

Roni, I was little bummed that I finished your last letter. I opened it hoping to have something to laugh at cause my companion is a little boring, it made me cry instead but I really liked it.

This week over all a bust. My Companion has so many physical problems, it amazing she can even move. Towards, the end of the week her depression hit her hard, so she spent hours in bed, I tried to do a lot of studying, but it hard to do for 4 hours. We went and got her some B-12 so I hope next week will be better, I feel really bad cause I’m wasting the lords time. I don't know what to do about it. Next, week will be better.

Also, tell all the pregnant ladies in Utah Congrats I'm really excited for them.

We had conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was pretty powerful. I wanted to go to the temple so bad so be grateful yours is so close and GO! It takes 6 hours to get to ours...

I love you and miss you!

Sister Whipple (still kind of weird, but I love it)

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