Monday, April 12, 2010

What Up!

Well it was a pretty busy week! We aren't sure how to get more people to teach, but were doing the best we can. We have set a goal to track everyday this week. It's not the most productive, but shows the lord that we're willing and really do want to work. We have been having some pretty good success working with less actives. It's a little easier for us to hunt down less actives seeing as over half of our ward is less active. If all the less actives were active we would have to split our ward. it is really crazy to Sister Richan and I how many less actives there are and most of them are women who have been offended. We were visiting with the Relief Society President and she listed about 4 or 5 women off the top of her head who were former Relief Society Presidents who were offended and are now less active. Its crazy, so we have been working hard on saving souls. We had some really good experiences with some less actives this week and several invited us back.
One really cool experience we had this week was with a former investigator, Terry. We had visited her several weeks ago. When we first started talking to us she was cold, angry, and annoyed that we were there. As we kept talking she softened up and by the end of the conversation she said we could come back. We stopped by again on Saturday and she said she had found her large print book of Mormon and she would like us to come over and teach her. We set up an appointment for next week. We are super excited, because when they were teaching her last she had a baptismal date and everything. It was when they got to the part about the word of wisdom and she wasn't about to have people tell her what she can and can't drink. Since they last taught her she has lost her daughter, she was disabled and had various health problems, and is taking care of an elderly uncle. She seemed really interested. We are super excited to teach her and we'll see what happens.
We also had a really powerful/fun lesson with Eddie this week. Sister Richan came up with a game in order to teach the lesson. Eddie does better with the lessons if he feels like everyone is involved and he isn't the center of attention. Well, we put together note cards with questions, statements, scriptures, and made a few commitment cards. we just went around and everyone would draw a card and read it. We had two members there with us so it went really well. Usually, Eddie won't read the scriptures or answer questions, but he was doing both of those. It was a huge break through. He is beginning to get comfortable with is and trust us. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was still there even when we were laughing.

We had zone conference this week super powerful as always! It was suppose to focus just on the atonement, but when you let the spirit guide that's not exactly what you end up with. We focused a lot on how do you do what we know and continue doing that or in other words how do you avoid the flashy beginning and fade out finish? We made a huge list and ended up deciding the simplest thing to do is just commit to act. It was a way good conference.I don't have enough time to talk about it so I am going to give you some power phrases from it:

"[the atonement] is simple to feel, impossible to explain and until it enters our heart it is not ours" -president Summerhayes

"live today well! Let yesterday be a vision of beauty and tomorrow a vision of hope" -president

"you don't have to creep up on change, just do it"

"Forget the past and keep moving"

"Their isn't any righteous dream or desire that you can't get through the atonement" -president

"Be happy! It will make a world of difference"

It was a really great conference. I love my mission president. It was powerful!

It was a good week. Sister Richan and I are working really hard. Doing the best we can. We love working!


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