Monday, April 26, 2010


Overall it has been a pretty amazing week! We have a lesson with an older lady, Miss Brannen, who is in her early 80's and has a son that is a member and works for the Orlando temple. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Also, she calls herself a dry Mormon. we usually just drop by every now and then and share a little message, but nothing comes of it. On Tuesday night, we stopped by with Brother Hewitt. We started off talking about a living prophet, which led to baptism not sure how but the spirit took it there. We committed her to be baptized on June 3!!!! Her son is going to be out at that time so he will be able to do it! Now we just have to teach her all the lesson. It was a powerful lesson and it is amazing to see where it goes when the spirit guides.
We also had a really good less with a less active, Gloria Foster, who's in her early 60's. We talked all about coming back to church. She knows that she needs to get temple ready, because her mother is waiting for her to do her work. Sister Richan and I both felt the spirit penetrate our hearts and testified that her mother is waiting and she needs to come back and we want her back. Wow! It was powerful. I had been having a really bad day that day and was just not feeling right. I didn't feel like I was in a place where I could really be what the lord needed me to be. Even though, I was not feeling right, I was still working which allowed the Lord to testify to Gloria and me. It was just what I needed to make the rest of the day better. Also, she had 3 wolves, 2 timber and 1 British Colombian that were 4 and 5 months old. They were stinking cute the just mald us by licking us. It basically made my day after having such a great lesson. I got pictures that all send later.
We are super excited for a new investigator that we will be teaching tomorrow night. 2 weeks ago at church there was a lady that Sister Richan and I didn't recognize. We introduced ourselves, but didn't get a chance to find out any info. Well, at church that day the stake Sunday school president was speaking and he recognized her. He was an attorney in town and she was also an attorney in town. He told us if we knew her and we didn't have any info on her, I know kind embarrassing. He called us back later in the week with all of her info. On Sunday this pass week, she was there again! Sister Richan and I went over and introduces our selves. She is super interested in taking the discussion and invited us over for dinner and a lesson on Tuesday night. We talked to the Sunday school President and he said she called him and was wanting us to come twice a week to teach her! We are so excited! We have been working so so hard lately and feel like I am going no where. This experience makes it so all I want to do is work even harder, because blessing come but only after you do the work.
hope all is well! LOVE YOU!
Sister Whipple

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