Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Baptisms

M & J Hopkins

N.D. and B Williams

Me and My Comp
(we now have a third Sister with us)

We did have one truly perfect moment this week. Jenifer Wintrode who we taught last week, we committed to be baptized!!! We had invited her to come to the whole 3 hours of Church and she did! We had a teaching appointment that afternoon. The stake Sunday school President had called before our appointment and told us that he had talked to her. He said she happen to be doing some work up in his area and stopped by his office. He said she had expressed wanting to join our church. When we went to her house that afternoon, we taught her the plan of salvation. the spirit was strong and she believed it . Sister Richan had a scripture opened to read, to commit her to baptism. Before Sister Richan could get there Jenifer ask "so how do I join your church and get baptized?" WOOT WOOT!!!! I don't think I have ever heard a better question. We of course answered her question and she said she would think over the next couple of days to figure out a date that worked for her to he baptized. She said she would figure it out by our next appointment on Wednesday. It was only our second lesson with her, but the lord has been preparing her for years. She had been actively searching for a church for the past several years. When we teach she recognizes truth and the spirit. It truly is the lords work and we just happen to be here. I know this because we have not been very good this week and have just been struggling with working and having the spirit. Jenifer was ready and the Lord had prepared her. The Lord used us because his work won't be stopped for any reason. We were doing our best though and Heavenly Father knew that and allowed us to be has hands. What an amazing experience!
Sister K-Way

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