Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Kelsie was given another companion, fresh from the MTC three weeks ago (she is now in a threesome). It has been a difficult situation and she has had to teach a lot of life skills to the new companion. Here is her most recent letter.

May 10, 2010
President Summerhayes decided to go off course and follow that spirit during zone conference. President wanted to put together a blessing (a patriarchal one) for Sister Grampp. He wanted all the elders to pretend that she was their daughter and they were giving their daughter a blessing. President had all the Elders make a list on the board of what they would put in the blessing. He even asked Sister Grampp what she wanted in her blessing.It was really cool. then, President asked "why do you think we did this exercise?" I was thinking cause he wanted the Elders to learn more about giving blessing and cause he was going to give Sister Grampp a blessing. President simply said "because I felt an out pouring of love for her (Sister Grampp)." It was really sweet. He had an overwhelming feeling and he had to follow it. Then, President said " I know Sister Grampp is on course. I know Sister Richan and Sister Whipple are on course." I found that kind of hard to believe, because I have felt so off course. president made me feel all good when he said "I have keys and I know it it right." I know he is right! He said "you are right where you are suppose to be." Then president shared how he came to that. He said "when Sister Whipple and Sister Richan got to together it was prefect. It was nirvana (he really used that word). I felt I should send a third sister. I thought but why? It's perfect and Lynn Haven is on fire. I thought well I'll be a good boy. It did it and it felt good. I don't know why, but it felt good so I followed the prompting." Then things got crazy. Before he was talking all about Sister Grampp, but then they change to Sister Richan and I. What happened next was so humbling and healing I will never forget. President gave us an apostolic blessing. He promised us that "your area will prosper more as three, then it ever would with just two, and a generation would be saved." Then, he gave Sister Grampp a blessing and promised her more blessings then she could or would dream of, the tears just pourd down my and Sister Richan faces. It was everything I needed and had prayed for. The peace I needed was brought to my heart. In my interview with President he talked further with me about the blessing. he said the blessing for Sister Grampp was so she knew she was doing good. The blessing for Sister Richan and I was so we knew that we would not be denied any of the blessing of the work. It was a powerful zone conference. President told Sister Richan in her interview that "Sister Grampp would have very little chance in life if not for the two of you (Sister Richan and I)." WOW! I know Sister Grampp is a challenge that I never dreamed I would face. I know I am where I am suppose to be it. It is hard but I can do it. President said to keep the pressure on. I said I feel like she is a broken/glued together vase that I just keep hitting with a stick. President said don't worry about breaking her because I'll put her back together. He said if problems aren't addressed now they become someone else's, so we are keeping the pressure on.
Well, I don't have much to say after having such an amazing zone conference. The spirit was so strong, spoke peace to my heart, and gave me the healing I was in desperate need of. I can't thank President Summerhayes enough for all his support. I have felt very far off the path of being a good missionary lately. I have not been very Christ like and had lost the spirit. When I went to zone conference I was desperate to have the spirit back in my life. I needed it. I wasn't sure how to do it and knew I needed help. I have been praying with all my heart to just love Sister Grampp. It was not coming easily, because I didn't have the spirit to be able to feel Christ love for her. Zone conference spoke to my heart. I now feel love for her. It still is not easy. Let's be real everyday I still pray for it, but it is not impossible. Thank you for the blessing. I know heavenly father is very aware of me. I needed the reassurance that he still was. That experience was so powerful, so consuming, and healing. I can't explain, but know that it changed my life.
Overall this was a good week. we got out and worked more than we had been. We had an extremely powerful lesson with Jenifer Wintrode. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She had expressed on Sunday her desire to be baptized and said she would figure out a date by Wednesday. Well, after our lesson, she said she wanted to be baptized on the 29 of May! I couldn't believe how soon the date was. She knows what she wants and doesn't want to wait. She is very impressive. She also said she has been telling her family and friends, they seem very supportive. The Lord is blessing Lynn Haven, it is a amazing and beautiful to be here and apart of it.
Things have greatly improved in our companionship. we are not perfect. we struggle everyday, but aren't giving up. Before, it felt impossible, now it is more of a Challenger that can be worked through. Well, President gave us the go ahead to address any issue that comes up, so we did. On Saturday we had a super busy day, but that night we decided that we had some issues that we should take care of. Sister Grampp had some very unattractive and not really appropriate red and blond streaks in her hair. Sister Richan and I decided that they needed to go. We bought a box of hair dye and colored it all one color. It looks so much better now. She looks cute, Sister Richan taught her how to do her hair and we both helped her do her make-up. We talked about the importance of our appearance matching our message. Everyday, we address something having to do with personal hygiene, proper etiquette , and manners. It is slow going, but things are improving. It just a challenge because she has really never been taught.
I loved loved loved talking to you!! I miss you! It was good to know I am still loved. I was afraid I was out of sight out of mind! I love talking. I was so bummed I didn't get to talk to Tyler and Trevor and only got a little bit with dad. It was good hear you. I love you!

Sister Whipple
PS for got tell you happy mother's day ! MOM! I love you!!!

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