Monday, May 24, 2010

Update 2-24-2010

Yeah yeah!!
I'm staying in Lynn Haven!!! I was so sure I was being transferred, but wasn't sure it was my time to go. I guess it wasn't.
Well,it is getting way hot here. The humidity is awful!!! I'm so glad to know that I will be in a car for a good part of the summer. Hopefully all summer.
On Sunday we had a sweet experience. Our early morning meetings were canceled so we had a little extra time to get ready for church. I was ready early which is amazing because usually I struggle, lets be real always has been a battle and always will be. I had the impression and prompting which was not my own to flat iron Sister G's hair. I really didn't want to, but I knew it would have a huge impact. I asked Sister G if she wanted me to and before I knew it I was doing her hair. It surprised me as much as Sister G because she said usually Sister Richan is the one doing this. I said I know. Once we finished she looked so GOOD!!! It was amazing to watch her confidence change. she carried herself different and even countenance changed. She was happy, she felt good about herself. It was sweet! Then, it got better. At church everyone noticed. People were commenting right and left. She for once did not get over looked, she did not fade into the background, she did not disappear! She was seen. People noticed her. It was great. Her confidence went through the roof! We got home early that day cause our car had a flat so we got grounded early on Sunday. We decided we would take the time to teach her how to fish instead of just giving the fish to her. We know that she will most likely never have the time to straighten her hair everyday, but she can feel the way she did on Sunday everyday. It was a lot harder then we thought it would be. Let me say this much we spent 2 hours teaching and we were just shy of masterye! It was progress. We talked about how she felt at church that day. We asked what was different. It was only her hair, but everything felt different. Sister Richan started talking and it was not her but the spirit testifying to Sister G, Sister Richan started speaking with power. She said something to the affect of "you have spent 25 years trying to disappear into the background. It's your life get control of it. You are front and center in your life, because you are worth it. the spirit is testifying to you right now that you are worth it!" It was powerful. Sister G was the one who said she has been trying to disappear, but the spirit spoke to her last night. She did feel that she was worth it. She knew that Sister Richan and I were her companions here and now because she is worth it. She was touched last night!
Jenifer Wintrode's baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. Everything is going perfect. I know this week will test her like crazy. She almost didn't make it to church yesterday due to car problems. She was super overwhelmed. We met with her twice this week. Both meeting were solid. On Friday she met up with us and we went to Lorecia's baptism. Lorecia is in the Callaway ward and is a super sweet 21 year old girl. She already wanted to go on a mission before she was even baptized. Jenifer felt the spirit. It was a super tender and sweet baptism and the spirit was strong. She is very excited for her own baptism. Later that night we went to her house and watch "The Testaments". She is doing really good. We have several meeting set up with her this week. I can't wait for her baptism and I am so excited I will be here to be apart of it. Miss Brannen is doing pretty good. We taught her the word of wisdom. She said her only vices are coffee and tea. Then, she said that she will give them up, because she wants it all. She knows that baptism is the only way. The following day we stopped by and she was doing pretty good. She had been drinking a ton of water and only 1 cup of coffee. She is trying, which is all you can ask. Her baptism got pushed back to June 4 so one of her granddaughters could make it. I'm a little worried about her making her date because she has only been to church twice and didn't come this past week. The work is good and we are trying.
Sista Whipple

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