Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey family,

We had a cool experience tracting, we knock 3 doors and were turned away. The fourth house a college aged girl answers. The girl said she has never talked to latter day saints and would love to visit with us. We asked if she had time now and she said yeah come in. We sat down and two of her roommates came into the family room and sat and visited with us too. We went into the restoration and the Plan of salvation. It was all over they place, because they were asking a ton a questions. We were being drilled! We were struggling because we had left our bibles in the car. It kills your back to carry them around and you never sit and visit with people when you tract. We usually have really brief visit and they never get heavy. Well, we got into some deep stuff. I was struggling. Sister G didn't say anything and Sister H even stopped talking. I was left to answer their questions. I was rocky, but they were super cool. I was definitely guided and answered everyone the best I could and they seemed to be satisfied with that. I did a few times have to give the honest answer of I don't know. I hated having to do that, but I didn't have the materials or knowledge to answer it. They were cool and we left a Book of Mormon for them and pamphlets. They said we could come back. it was a very humbling experience. I would never say that I am confident in my scriptures, but I have become very comfortable talking about the gospel. I totally got a reality check, which was really good. It made me recommit to do better with my study. Also, I will never be caught without my bible even if it is heavy!

I love you!!!

Sister Whipple

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