Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sasha's Experience

Sasha is one of Sister Kelsie Whipple's best friends from her college day's in Tucson. Sasha has been in Boston visiting friends this last week. Kyli is Sasha's friend that also served a mission in Tallahassee a few years ago and does not know Sister Whipple (she has only read her blog)

Sasha writes:

My phone rings. It was Kyli. I thought, how random at 1:00pm Boston time, but how perfect, I need to talk to her anyway.

M: Hello?

K: Is Kelsie Whipple in Tallahassee?

M: Wait, what?

K: Sister Whipple. Is she in Tallahassee right now?

Me: Oh. Yes!

K: Okay, hold on. I think I see her! I’m in Tallahassee right now visiting my convert *running* [in the background] Are you Sister Whipple? Because I’m on the phone with Sasha Piton, right now.

Sister Whipple: Hahaha, no way. That’s crazy! *grabs phone* Hello? How are you?

M: OH. MY. GOSH!!! I’m GOOD, how are you?

My hands were shaking and there was a lump in my throat! I couldn’t believe I was talking to one of my closest friends; my hero; my ray of sunshine; my missionary, on the phone. We only talked for a few minutes before we said goodbye. Again, it was bitter sweet. A joyful heartache. A Tender Mercy.

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