Monday, October 4, 2010


All I have to say is thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!! It was pretty sweet to have all those emails! Thank you so much and I love you all!! It made my day!

I had a great birthday! Mom your package was perfect. Everything fit and I just LOVED it! Roni, I am already sport some orange polish on my toes and that delicious body wash has been used everyday! It smells bomb!! I have all my pictures hanging in the apartment. I love love love them. Really prefect picture and just what I needed. I draw a lot of strength from looking at them. I loved that you were able to talk to Sister Richan. She loves you guys like you were her family. I was good to hear you had a good talk. I love her. It looks like she will hopefully be back in a week. she had some unexpected snags and hoops to get through. Cool story though. Sister Richan went to conference and two Sister Missionaries sat by them. They were talking and one said she was from Mesa, AZ. Richan is like my first companion was from Mesa, do you know Sister Kelsie Whipple. The sister replies "yeah were friends!" It was Brittany Dalton, who she met! Crazy!! Totally small world. she also said that her companion was way cool she was Japanese, but raise in Hawaii. I thought that was pretty cool!
Conference was the prefect boost I needed to gain some of the strength that I was desperate for! I loved it so powerful!

Thanks for the love and support. I miss you!

Sister Whipple

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