Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Getting Transferred

I am headed to Tallahassee 1st!!!! My comp is Sister Hernandez. I met her the day that I picked Sister Richan up at transfers. We hang out most of the morning. I don't know much about her, but I am so excited to be in Tallahassee! A change will be good. I am so excited!

It was a super crazy week! Everything from tracking multiple times in the rain, meeting the new President and his wife, and getting an investigator who is expressing a desire to be baptized. We tracked in the rain which is the best time to because it show your commitment to work to the Lord, more people are inside, and people see your dedication so they are more willing to listen to you. It was really good. I felt really good, which I hadn't in a while. It was great. I met President and Sister Jensen, totally my kind of people. I already love them. President is cool and a lot of fun! Sister Jensen, totally love her. She has a fun personality and was super cute. She gave us the great new that we no longer have to wear nylons! Woot! Woot!! I felt naked without them though so it's kind of a weird adjustment. It also is such a relief cause it is HOT here! Also, the best news was we no long have to have mid calf or longer skirts. The rule now is that our skirts just have to cover our knees when we sit.
One funny story that happened when I met President and Sister Jensen was they said when they received their call that they goggled the mission. Well, guess what the first think that popped up was...MY BLOG!!! They had looked at some of the pictures. I just hope they didn't read too much. It was pretty funny I didn't even think about something like that. I got a kick out of it.
We had really powerful lessons with Brother Daryl and Emma this week. Brother Daryl was the best we have ever had. Emma asked "what's the procedure for baptism?" It was pretty awesome. She isn't quite ready to set a date, but I think she will be baptized before the end of the month. It was way cool. She is getting it.

LOVE you!!!

Next time you here from me I'll be in Tallahassee! WOOT! WOOT!!! Back in the city where I belong!

LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for the letters everyone. I really needed them last week!

Love Sister Whipple

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