Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26, 2010


Congrats to Jared and Heather on the baby that is so exciting! I so happy for them!

Well, it was a good week! We worked really hard. We were going hard everyday and taking advantage of every second. We had full days. I just love to work! It feels good and brings peace to my heart.

We have a new investigator named M. She is a friend of a recent convert in our ward, Brother S. Brother S is pretty amazing. He is from Jamaica and has the awesome accent and everything. I will say this much when he said the sacrament pray the other week in church, it was awesome! He is as solid as they come. M is a friend of his from work. She came to church last week, we met with her during the week, and she came to church yesterday. She is from Jamaica and is really interested. We had a really good lesson with her on the restoration, marriage, and about missionary work. It sounds like it was all over the place, but it really was perfect. The spirit was there and she was asking questions. It was a sweet experience. On Sunday, I was sitting by her and she was asking a lot of really awesome questions. She wanted to know about redeeming the dead and sacrament. She is really just absorbing everything. It's so awesome. We have appointment with her on Thursday, so we will really be able to see where she at. I can wait for Thursday!

We are working hard and doing our best to find more people to teach! We are basically starting at square one. Dad, I was all game to race to see who can get more baptisms, but I think you’re going to win! You have so much going on its awesome. Your ward is just tearing it up! Us on the other hand don't... we just lost our best ward missionary, she is R.S. president now, and we got a new ward mission leader. He is a young guy like 26. He is trying to figure it all out. He has a lot of nice ideas. We basically just track and go after less actives, so well see. M is our only hope right now. We had an other really promising investigator, but she dropped us.

We did a lot of service this week . We do service for various people 2 to 3 times a week. Most of the time we do yard wok, because you neglect your yard for a month and you have a jungle. Everything grows so fast. One day this week, we drove out to the country picked blueberries. It takes forever to pick blueberries it is so much work, but we got to keep whatever we picked. We also picked some of their green tomatoes and we had fried green tomatoes which are awesome. Work is my outlet and my therapy. I am here to work.


Sister Whipple

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